Acura will stop production of its subcompact executive car later this year, according to Acura experts.

The Acura ILX, Honda’s entry level offering since 2013, will no longer be made as of model year 2022 according to Acura experts and Acura’s Brand Officer Jon Ikeda.

This comes on the cusp of Acura’s revival of its Integra nameplate, with the Integra pre-order for the five-door hatchback set to go live later in March.

In an exclusive podcast hosted by Serra Acura brand experts Matt Denholm and Justinn Bako, the duo discussed what we’ve known all along.

“Acura doesn’t always tell you everything and I know you think we’re dealers, and we would know this stuff,” Denholm told viewers.

“They don’t want us to tell you like we are today. So, the Integra is replacing the ILX. That’s been the clearer message from them (Honda) without saying the ILX is going away.”

Denholm’s statement isn’t 100 percent correct, as Acura Brand Officer Jon Ikeda’s already on the record with Motor Trend saying the Integra isn’t necessarily the ILX’s direct replacement.

“The new Integra is not a replacement for the Acura ILX compact sedan—which departs after the ’22 model year—the brand chief says. But it is an addition to the existing lineup that does seem to fill the segment gap with a much more exciting entrant.”

This new insight from Serra Acura, the likelihood of not being able to order new Acura ILXs in the second quarter of 2022, does bolster what Ikeda said, that 2022 is the last model year for the Acura ILX.

ILXs becoming fewer and fewer on Acura dealership lots and its eventual discontinuation aligns with our blog post back in August when I brought up Acura’s leaked infographic as it pertains to the ILX’s replacement, dubbed the “new compact sedan.”

So expect Acura to sneak in a line in an upcoming press release confirming they are discontinuing the ILX for good around the time the Integra hits dealership lots later this Spring.

And although we bid farewell to Acura’s ILX, know that an ILX replacement is in the works.



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