If these NFTs actually sell, this might open the floodgates for other manufacturers to follow suit.

Less than two weeks ago Acura opened up its pre-orders for the 2023 Acura Integra. The first 500 pre-orders not only secured their spots in line, they also received instructions to mint their own limited edition Acura Integra NFT.

Acura markets itself as on the cutting edge of technology, so offering a limited edition NFT is right up their alley, or as Gen Z likes to say, (is) based.

Acura hasn’t even fired up its Integra production line, and pre-order holders are already making “moves” by minting their NFTs and immediately listing them back for sale on OpenSea.IO

There’s only one right now but Next-Gen Integra NFT holder #21, aka Fab5_eth, already has his NFT for sale for 12 Ethereum or, as of this blog post, roughly $36,156.

Click here to check out the NFT for yourself.

It wasn’t always 12 ETH, according to the NFT’s Item Activity, it was 5 ETH two days ago, that is, until he realized, since he’s the first one, he might as well get his money’s worth.

So far 167 out of 500 Acura Integra NFTs are minted.

Per the terms of Acura’s pre-order, the $500 deposit is refundable, and reservation holders are under no obligation to actually buy an Acura Integra once Acura starts making them.

Their NFTs are theirs and, as this sale shows, they can do whatever they want with them.

If Fab5_eth’s Integra NFT sells, he can theoretically collect his 12 ETH and not buy an Integra, at all.

And if he does decide to buy an Integra, this NFT sale will cancel out however much he ends up financing.

This all depends on if someone actually sees some worth in an Acura Integra NFT and buys one.

This Integra NFT is one of 500, is designed by 3D artist Andreas Wannerstedt, and is, as far as I know, the first NFT from a car manufacturer, so there’s some NFT value there.

A sale (or sales) might further pique the interest of other car manufacturers to offer NFTs for their cars, however limited.

These Integra NFTs might birth a wave of car NFTs that include such NFT collections like 1 of 50,000 “2023 Toyota Corolla” NFTs.

It’s also worth noting, since cryptocurrency allows for anonymity, there’s no stopping these Integra NFT holders to collude, open separate OpenSea accounts, and drive up the Integra NFT price themselves, creating some artificial hype around them.

Unlikely, among other nefarious crypto-currency schemes, but not impossible.

With the hype surrounding Web 2.0, NFTs are all the rage.

I think there’s a strong possibility someone might buy this NFT for the heck of it. Unlike those apes, this one actually looks like someone put some effort into it.

If it sells, only time will tell if this was a smart move or if he should’ve HODL-ed.

And, if none do sell, it’s not like Acura’s out much, they’re NFTs, just some 1s and 0s on a digital ledger, after all.


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