One of the perks of working for CarMax means you get first pick of the litter.

Redditor and CarMax employee /u/Naive-Historian recently shared with the /r/NSX subreddit that he, “just bought the cheapest NSX in the country.” According to his post and photos he shared, he managed to pick up a clean first gen Acura NSX in Formula Red for just $30,000.

Check out his post and gallery of photos below.

“For everyone wondering, I work at CarMax and we are allowed to buy the cars for whatever CarMax paid,” Naive Historian clarifies. “Someone came in and sold this for 30k so I bought “

According to the Washington Post and Glass Door, CarMax employees have what’s called an Associates Discount Program where employees can buy cars for essentially wholesale price plus $300 if the car is in their inventory.

While, according to this Reddit comment, the CarMax system’s wholesale price might not exactly be what CarMax acquired it for (plus $300,) even with several thousands tacked on (if demand for a car is particularly high,) CarMax employees can still get vehicles at a considerable discount.

“It actually took me a few months to buy this car because it had to pass a safety inspection,” Naive-Historian clarifies. “Carmax was pretty awesome at helping it pass. They fixed the power seat motor, installed science of speed billet door handles, and fixed the window rail brackets for 900 parts and labor.”

$30,000 might sound like a lot, but this is an Acura NSX we’re talking about, a ’90s-era JDM supercar that’s appreciated considerably in the last couple of years.

To give you an idea of just hot the market is, here’s how much NSXs sold for on Bring A Trailer in the last month. The average selling price hovers around $65,000.

$65,000 is the price of entry for a first gen NSX in 2022

It’s worth nothing this particular NSX has 147,000 miles and is a dreaded 4-speed automatic (GASP!) But hey, it’s still a daggum NSX.

Even when you filter for automatic NSXs, the average selling price is above $30,000, and these are 2016 auction results.

Even automatic NSXs auction for a lot

“When people give me s*** for the 4 speed auto, I will remind them that that bad boy added 4K to the MSRP back in the day. That’s my auto coupe” he comments.

I share the same sentiments, an automatic NSX is still an NSX.

Congrats on your new-to-you NSX, /u/Naive-Historian.

I’m hoping he actually drives it and doesn’t just resell it, although I wouldn’t blame him if he did.


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