Pulling off this bonehead lane change should be grounds to get your license revoked on top of getting charged to the full extent of the law.

A Reddit user /u/Whippity shared a co-worker’s Tesla’s cam footage showing a Toyota Tacoma driver on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles performing an illegal merge over double solid white and yellow lines into an HOV lane causing a fast-approaching motorcyclist and his passenger to slam into the back of his Tacoma.

Check out the Tacoma driver’s bonehead and illegal merge video below.

As mentioned, the accident took place on I-405 just before Exit 46 in the city of Inglewood.


Both rider and passenger were later ID’d in the Reddit thread as @Taylorgang_unchained and @Everfit4ever on Instagram.

As you can see in the video, both Taylor and Ever were thrown into the back of the Tacoma and, according to @Taylorgang_unchained’s update “I was dragged by the truck for a moment.”

You can see Taylor land in the truck bed before immediately being ejected.

Taylor’s update, posted below and linked here, also show’s Taylor’s own on-scene video taken shortly after the crash as emergency services arrived on scene.

Photo Credit: @Taylorgang_unchained

You can see @everfit4ever, still in pain, lying in the back of the Tacoma as good Samaritan’s assess the extent of his injuries as well as next steps.

“Ever is in surgery, has a badly fractured left wrist and damaged median nerve, Taylor shared. “Besides my busted face, I have a fractured C7 in my neck and 3-5 bulging discs in my neck and a broken thumb.”

Several commenters from Reddit commented on Taylor’s Instagram post informing her of the Tesla video’s existence.

“My bike ?!,” @everfit4ever captioned his latest update. “Still in the hospital, but I hope to be ready soon. Thanks for the support.”

I could not find any information on who the Toyota Tacoma driver is, what he was specifically charged with, and relevant updates pertaining to his actions but it’s safe to assume he’ll be charged accordingly.

In California, an illegal lane change over double solid lines is grounds for at least one point on the offending party’s driving record as well as a $234 fine before all the fees.

And, according to Wells Call Injury Lawyers, California is an at fault state.

Under California negligence laws, the party liable for causing an accident victim’s injuries must compensate the victim for the losses. In other words, the person who caused the crash is the person who pays medical bills in a car accident in California.

In other words, on top of the fines and points, that Tacoma driver is on the hook for any hospital bills the Taylor and Ever incur.

It’s an overall sucky situation and another sobering reminder to take care while driving, car drivers and motorcyclists alike.

This is the unfortunate result of drivers getting lazy, up for taking shortcuts with no disregard for traffic laws, and overall, selfishly not looking out for their fellow drivers and riders sharing the same roads as themselves.

Sure, you may get away with sneaking into an HOV lane once in a while, but it only takes one illegal merge to throw your life and someone else’s into a whirlwind.

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