Engines in all markets will see a +10 HP and +15 lb-ft bump in power

Honda officially took the covers off its FL5 2023 Honda Civic Type R but, absent from the press release and presentations was an official power number.

Now, according to a Japanese customer reserving a JDM 2023 Honda Civic Type R and his photo, the 2023 Honda Civic Type R’s engine will supposedly see a +10HP and +15 lb-ft bump.

I’m keeping the source of this photo anonymous but, he supposedly grabbed this screenshot from another post and claims that, “A guy in Japan placed an order and he took this pic. ETA is March 2023.”

And indeed, according to writer and illustrator Azusa Ito, Honda is taking reservations, at least in Japan (where FL5 Honda Civic Type Rs will be made.)

“I signed a contract for Civic Type R,” Ito’s caption reads.

Here’s the photo with updated power numbers below.

JDM Honda Civic Type Rs will be rated at 326 HP and 310 lb-ft

Those power numbers, if we round up, translate to 326 HP and 310 lb-ft.

For various reasons undisclosed, best theories including tuning for different grades of fuel and climates and emissions, Euro and JDM Hondas with the same engine as their USDM (incl. other global markets) counterparts are often slightly less powerful.

If the previous gen JDM FK8 Honda Civic Type R was rated at 316 HP and 295 lb-ft and U.S.-bound FK8 Civic Type Rs are 10 HP less powerful (3.16 percent less,) it’s safe to assume this U.S. bound FL5 2023 Honda Civic Type Rs will receive a similar decrease in power down to 316 HP, torque stays the same.

+10 HP also sounds about right.

Again, this is an unofficial and unconfirmed photo so, take this blog post with a grain of salt.

As with all new generations, this Civic Type R, as confirmed by the GVWR, will weigh more, according to best estimates, about 90 pounds more, making that bump in power not only less significant but required to, at least, improve on that power to weight ratio.

Honda will officially announce how much this 2023 FL5 Civic Type R actually makes later this year.



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