He’s not doing it on purpose

Video posted on Reddit’s Idiots In Cars subreddit shows a fast moving rescue truck driving through recent UAE flash floods. The waves the truck is creating as he drives through this UAE street is causing nearby shop windows to break, hence the video’s title “Causing more damage than the actual floods.”

But, is that actually the case?

First, check out the video for yourself below.

‘One of the Reasons I Drive Right...
‘One of the Reasons I Drive Right Past Home Depot and Straight to Lowe’s …’

If you didn’t already know the United Arab Emirates has suffered an unusual spat of flash floods that’s taken the Middle Eastern nation by surprise.

“The downpour resulted in flash floods in the eastern parts of the UAE damaging houses and washing away vehicles.” NDTV reports. “Military vehicles were deployed to rescue people from the affected areas.” 

Thankfully, someone in the Reddit comments who claims to be in High Water Search Rescue, and Recovery was able to provide some insight into this military truck drivers, at first, unorthodox driving style.

“As someone who does high water search rescue and recovery in these types of vehicles, yes you have to maintain momentum or the water can turn steer the truck,” Redditor Unfair_Presences7428 explains. “Also, as previously stated, if you hit a deeper spot you have to push through it and they are moving foreword at a speed that stops the wake from coming back in on them.”

“Moving slower jeopardizes the truck and all in the truck who are being rescued. I worked doing this every Hurricane season here in the southern USA, Katerina, IDA, been working all of them. The object is to get to them for rescue before it becomes recovery.”

Whoever was being rescued by this military truck probably whipped out their phone to document the unique, but unintentional byproduct of driving through a flooded region in such a way that they don’t get stuck.

Linked here is an image of an actual rescue vehicle used in the recent UAE flash floods.

So, no, this rescue driver in the UAE was not purposely driving close to shop windows at a too high a speed to intentionally break windows.

It’s just an unfortunate thing that happens when you have to rescue people in flooded regions.

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