It’s hard to fake it till you make it if you get called out by the car’s real owner.

Self-proclaimed South African Billionaire and Forex Influencer @Khali_Billions is in a bit of hot water after Avari Cars, a Pretoria-based exotic car dealership, called her out for a photoshoot she took in their showroom floor in front of a $250,000 2022 Mercedes AMG G63 utilizing the full suite of Avari’s branding.

According to a message thread that’s been going viral on Facebook, Avari Cars is warning anyone that comes across @Khali_Billions G-Wagon photoshoot that she did not buy the luxury SUV, that it’s still on the showroom floor and any claims linking the success of her supposed Forex system with the purchase of this quarter-million luxury SUV should be viewed with skepticism.

Check out the viral message thread below.

‘$60 Women’s Self-Defense Kit S...
‘$60 Women’s Self-Defense Kit Sold by a Black-Owned Business’ Facebook Post

Here’s a copy of the photoshoot via @RichSAWomen.

Here’s a screenshot of her Instagram profile.


And, here’s a screenshot of @Khali_Billions now private account with the Mercedes in question.

Never left the showroom floor.

Scrolling through her photoshoot, any ordinary person would assume she’s taking delivery of this G-Wagon.

But, such is not the case.

“She never bought this vehicle,” an Avari Cars rep says. “She came with her own flowers, champagne bottle, and empty LV bag. She changed outfits, took pics, and went about posting how she paid 5M (South African Rand) for this car.

True to what Avari Cars says, the 2022 AMG G-63 is still for sale.

4,549,000 Rand = $276,359

And just to make sure everyone knows their G-Wagen has not moved an inch, they posted up a quick edit showcasing the $275,000 SUV a few days after @Khali_Billions stopped by.

Requests from other outlets to @Khali_Billions or any of her reps have gone unanswered, Khali choosing to remain silent on the matter.

Influencers flexing in front of expensive cars is nothing new.

Vice did a really good deep dive into the business of renting exotics to rappers, small time celebrities and influencers in 2018.

But what @Khali_Billions is doing is slightly on a different level.

Instead of the illusion of wealth, this is just plain lying.

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