This is what you shouldn’t do approaching horses on any road.

Horse Rider Shradena Labossiere, who goes by @HorseFlorida on TikTok shared house cam footage taken presumably earlier this week showing a hostile driver driving up to them on their horses, at speed, loudly blaring his horns, and clearly looking for confrontation.

Check out a copy of their video thanks to a crosspost on Reddit below.

It’s not clear why this driver came up to them they way he did but it’s safe to assume, like other ignorant drivers, he was upset that there are horses on regular residential streets.

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Hashtagged on their video is #MovingToFlorida, a nod to people moving to Florida from other parts of the United States.

In the state of Florida, like most of the United States, just like cyclists and scooter riders, horse drawn carriages and regular horse and riders are allowed on public roads and residential streets, subject to the same traffic laws and regulations as drivers in regular cars.

According to the Florida Bar Animal Law Section, “Florida is home to 500,000 horses, placing our state third in total number of horses behind Texas and California.”

The blog post goes on to cite Florida Statute section 316.0825 which states,

“316.0825: Vehicle approaching an animal. – Every person operating a motor vehicle shall use reasonable care when approaching or passing a person who is riding or leading an animal upon a roadway or the shoulder thereof, and shall not intentionally startle or injury such an animal. A violation of this section is a noncriminal traffic infraction, punishable as a moving violation as provided in chapter 318.”

It’s clear whoever that driver was is in violation of this Florida Statute.

Labossiere’s TikTok account is filled with other videos showing her riding in and around Florida, her videos often educational in nature.

@horseflorida #horsesoftiktok #movingtoflorida ♬ original sound – SCHRADENA LABOSSIERE

It goes without saying but, while uncommon where you live, horses and riders are still a thing across the United States.

As stated, they have every right to be on the road as licensed drivers.

Don’t do what this driver did.

Instead, slow down, stop if necessary, and err on the side of caution around them.

After all, they’re live animals.

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