With less than 90,000 miles, it’s a decent two-door SUV even without the Giambi’s touch.

Are you a Jason Giambi superfan and are in the market for an American two-door SUV with some cojones under the hood? You’re in luck. The former MLB First baseman’s lifted 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe, that he supposedly used to drive to and from Yankee Stadium, popped up on Craigslist in Orange, Calif for $12,500 earlier this weekend (craigslist ad linked here.)

Check out a screenshot of the ad and photos of his Tahoe below.

Just 89,927 miles, low miles for a Chevy Small Block.
It’s probably Midnight blue, the official blue of the New York Yankees.
Banks Power and I.C.E.

“It was just driven back and forth to the stadium,” the ad says. “It was shipped to Vegas for the off season. It runs great. It has a Banks supercharger on it. It’s lifted with a suspension kit. Kenwood & Kicker sound systems. The plexiglass covering the Kicker amps is embossed with the Yankee emblem and his number and also signed by him.”

If you have any doubts if this is actually Giambi’s Tahoe, Google Maps’s camera car caught it parked outside of Giambi’s SoCal home in 2018 (Google Maps shot linked here.)

Despite being 23 years old, this Tahoe’s clearly been taken cared for. The paint’s maintained and looks blemish-free even under the bright SoCal sun. It’s the same story inside, there’s hardly a crack or stain, anywhere, probably a byproduct of frequent details.

With a tow hitch already attached, this Tahoe would, as the ad mentions, make a great tow vehicle.

I wish the seller popped the hood to see if it’s as well maintained in the engine bay as the rest of the Tahoe.

I’d also double check what kind of forced induction this Tahoe really has because a search of BanksPower.com reveals, while they do make twin-turbo kit for this Tahoe’s small block Chevy, I couldn’t find any compatible superchargers for Chevy SBCs.

A search on Autotrader for two-door first and second gen Tahoes reveals that used prices land anywhere between $4,000-$24,000, a lot of Tahoes with a lot more miles than Giambi’s landing in the more expensive side of prices.

In other words, customizations aside, this Tahoe’s fairly priced.

Despite being owned by one of MLB’s best first basemen, this Tahoe holds its own and is a lot of SUV for the money (assuming everything is trouble free.)

If I were in the market for something like this, it’d probably make my list of potential buys.


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