Don’t worry, folks. He got the Platinum package which comes with a hot carnauba wax coating.

NSX owners are up in arms over the photos a fellow NSX owner posted to the NSX Prime Facebook group showing a second gen NSX owner taking their exotic through a “cheap,” automatic, conveyor car wash in Metuchen, New Jersey.

Check out the offending photos, plates blurred for the owner’s anonymity, below.

An NSX owner queue’s up at an automatic, converyor car wash in Metuchen, New Jersey.
Employees at this New Jersey car wash inspect the NSX’s undercarriage to make sure nothing will snag while the NSX is dragged through the wash.

The unforgivable offense took place at a Premier Car Wash off Essex Ave (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

“(A) friend of mine sent me these today,” OP captioned his photos. “(He) watched the whole thing happen in front of him. LOL yikes.”

Most car owners who have even a lick of sense, especially if they take care of what’s the second-largest purchase in their life, know it’s not the best idea to use these conveyor washes.

Made to accommodate most cars, it’s the uncommon ones, like low-slung sports cars with super wide tires and unusually shaped vehicles, that end up having a bad time.

With a conveyor track only so wide and a powerful, motorized belt pulling your car along, you essentially trust the system and all its whirling brushes and jet nozzles to not damage expensive parts like low exhaust systems, wheels, side mirrors, and not to mention the paint finish itself.

As the second photo shows, even the car wash employees are a bit iffy about sending the NSX through.

“Yeah, it was stopped at the beginning for like 5 mins as they looked under it and they kept inching it forward with something rubbing, then (they) just sent it.”

The NSX owner’s manual explicitly says not to use automatic car washes but knows owners will do it anyway, so they’ve included steps to put your car into neutral (aka car wash mode.)

Can you take your NSX through an automatic car wash?
What the NSX owner’s manual says about automatic, conveyor car washes

On one hand, this is a low production number American (it’s built in Ohio) exotic. It’s arguably irresponsible sending something as niche as an NSX through a wet sand paper tornado.

On the other hand…it’s his car, and it’s an NSX, too. Who are we to say where an NSX owner can and can’t wash their car? And NSXs are known as everyday supercars, so, ponying up as little as $15.99 for the Silver level wash is right up the NSX owner’s alley.

Clearly these car wash employees give an adequate amount of f***s where, if any damage does happen, it’ll most likely be small and inconsequential. (I said most likely.)

So, go ahead NSX owner, enjoy your cheap washes. Just know we’re shaking our heads.


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