This driver attempted to make their exit but ended up causing an accident instead.

Semi truck driver and Redditor /u/J_Rag shared dashcam footage to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing the unbelievable moment a driver on US-30 in Portland decided to cut him off, sandwiching himself between another semi, to try to make his exit.

In the process, he ends up sideswiping a truck already in the exit lane.

/u/J-Rag’s thread and video is embedded below.

[OC] Idiot cuts off semi truck and side swipes pickup.
byu/J-Rag- inIdiotsInCars

As mentioned, the incident took place on US-30 at the 205 South/North and 84 30 West into Portland interchange (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As his dashcam video shows, he’s driving along in his semi in the 205 North Seattle Lane.

A few feet in front of him is another semi.

Presumably, in his mirrors, he can see the silver car signaling to squeeze in.

“You better not,” he says to himself.

Unsurprisingly, the car ends up cutting him off with a semi in front of him, goes into the gore area (that no-man’s-land between freeway and exit lane), and attempts to merge safely onto the 84 30.

I say attempt as, since they were not paying attention, they end up sideswiping a truck already in that lane.

“Dude risked getting squashed in between 100K pounds and blind turning into a lane just to make his exit,” /u/CarFreak95 commented.

OP confirmed his weight at about 75,000 pounds total (semi + load.)

“It’s so funny because at that split, they give you like 5 miles of notices to get in your lane and people still pull this s*** at the last second all the time trying to be slick and beat traffic,” /u/Beneficial_piano-42B also added

“They tried to game the system one too many times. I’ll guarantee they’re local and they do that same move multiple times each week to skip ahead of a half mile of backed up traffic in the right lane who are being sensible, knowing that’s just the way it is there,” /u/Texan Trucker.

With GPS, drivers have no excuse to pull such hare brained moves, as eventually they’ll get re-routed.

If this stemmed from a bad habit of, as /u/Texan_Trucker mentions, pulling this one too many times, they have no one to blame but themselves.

Drivers who do this regularly, take note, your bad driving habits tend to backfire on you, eventually.


  1. For one there is no I-30 in or near Portland Oregon for 2. You really should find another trade or hobby cuz you don’t know what you’re talking about


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