On top of his impromptu photo shoot, he’s illegally parked, too.

Presumed L.A. resident and Instagram user @napoleonnne shared smartphone footage with the popular “Influencers In The Wild” account, showing this full-grown man pose for multiple solo photos in front of his not-so-expensive Korean car in the middle of a Los Angeles day.

Check out his video below.

In @Napoleonne’s video, we can see what looks to be a Caucasian man in his mid-20’s decked out in Zara’s latest men’s fashion taking multiple solo photos in front of what’s presumably his 2021 Genesis G70.

In all likelihood, this grown man is taking photos to promote whatever he’s hawking (business courses, self-improvement, and drop-shipping courses, you name it.)

If you’re wondering, although G70s have an original MSRP around $40,000, these two-year-old ones can be had for a lot less thanks to depreciation.

Here’s a what 2021 G70s go for right now ($500 a month for 72 months specials.)

G70s for sale. Anyone who can afford $500/month can get one.

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with a Genesis, they’re nice cars, but he’s not exactly standing in front of a Bentley, Ferrari or at least a BMW or Mercedes.

Then there’s the fact that he’s using a ring light in broad daylight and pressing the “take photo” button on his phone every time. If he was really about his grind he’d spend the $8 to get a Bluetooth iPhone camera remote.

Also, he’s parked improperly, a violation of CVC 22500, which is punishable with a $250 fine.

Of course, the comments roasted his a**.

“How did we go from cage men to that?” @bec_geo asked.

“Tinder profile pic about to be ???????????? jk,” @mymansandthem commented.

“You know he has CEO in his bio,” @lagrimas_del_payaso added.

“You know he’s got this emoji ???? in his profile,” @missy_721 hilariously commented.

Honestly, I (and everyone else commenting) are low-key haters.

It’s L.A. What do you expect?

Do what you gotta do, Genesis King. Just know we’re going to clown you while you do it.


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