If you rent a car at San Francisco International Airport, definitely do not go to this street to launch your Nissan Kicks.

Presumed NorCal resident Steve Dempsey, who goes by @ChainSawDempsey on Instagram, shared a video on the popular social media app showing you exactly what not to do after you rent a car near San Francisco International Airport.

I disavow anything Chainsaw Dempsey shows you and I repeat, do not do what Chainsaw does.

Anyway, check out his sort of gone viral video below.

“If it has four wheels it can fly, especially if it’s rented!” Dempsey’s captioned his video.

In the video, we see Dempsey talking to his smartphone, hyping up what he’s about to do next.”

“Chainsaw here. What do you do when you leave the airport in a rent-a-car? You go straight to Utah Street (Ave.) and you jump it.

The problem is that there’s a car in my jump. Let’s see what happens.”

We then see Dempsey hit the gas and accelerate up to around 50 MPH before hitting a part of Utah Ave. that slopes straight up, almost to a 45-degree angle.

I honestly counted one-and-a-half Mississippis of hang time before he comes crashing down to the ground.

“Oh s***!,” Dempsey exclaims.

I mean, look at his face!

Code Brown moment.

Without a doubt that poor rental car bottomed out and scrapped/damaged something underneath.

If you’re wondering where in South SF this is, where you definitely shouldn’t take your rental, it’s in the 100 block of Utah Ave. in a nearby industrial area (exact location on Google Maps linked here and screenshot of the jump below.)

As you can see, the area sloping up has been gouged by drivers taking this gradient at speed.

Other Instagram users, of course, got a kick out of his hoon-ing.

“Such a shame new cars don’t neutral drop like the old days.???? Rental cars are the best!” @Rubicorn_Family commented.

“POV your dad is taking care of you for the day, and he got something cool to show you,” @JD.sticks replied.

“First thing I do when I leave the airport with the rental car to see if you could do it burnout. Then find the closest jump????,” @Stoney_XJ420 added.

It goes without saying, but hooni-ng your rental like this increases the chances of you damaging the car and yourself if something goes wrong.

If you lose control and damage the car, or worse, yourself, you’ll end up with increased insurance rates and/or an unexpected visit to the ER.

Then again…it does look like a bit of (mostly) harmless fun that I 100 percent would never do nor recommend.

So…don’t do this!


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