Any other day, he would’ve let this driver cut, but not today.

SoCal resident and Redditor /u/Bomb-OG-Kush shared footage from his Tesla’s cameras to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing the heart pumping standoff he took with a driver in a Toyota Camry Hybrid who used a turn-only lane to cut a line of drivers waiting patiently on McKinley St.

Check out /u/Bomb-OG-Kush’s video below.

Tired of line cutters [oc]
byu/Bomb-OG-Kush inIdiotsInCars

The incident happened off of McKinley St. near the 91 Riverside Freeway exit/entrance (exact location on Google Maps linked here)

As OP’s video and birds eye view of the area looks like shows, he’s travelling straight ahead on McKinley St.

Drivers in the two lanes to the left of him have turn-only lanes, separated by a solid white line.

You technically cannot change lanes from a turn-only lane into a lane that goes straight ahead.

Regardless, drivers see an open turn-only lane into the 91 and decide to cut dozens of cars waiting on McKinley St.

It happens here and probably everywhere else in the United States (nay, the world) where this lane setup exists.

This Redditor from Austin, TX complains about the same exact problem.

“I see this happening daily and it boils my blood. A driver goes on the right turn only lane to jump ahead of traffic and then cuts in front of someone, “OP explains.

“Well, I was having a bad day, and I wasn’t going to let this guy in no matter what. You can see the van in front of me let the Tesla in.”

“Maybe I’m also the idiot in this scenario, but I’m sick and tired of always seeing people use the right turn only lane to jump ahead of traffic.”

We then see OP stick to the bumper of the van in front of him as a lane cutter in a Toyota Camry Hybrid tries to cut in front of him.

It doesn’t work, and the driver in the Camry Hybrid is forced to slot behind OP.

Look how close they got.

A driver in a Toyota Camry comes within a foot of another driver as they tried to cut in line.

For the record, the Camry Hybrid’s license plate reads 8ZAX476.

A small “win” in the war that is turn only lane cutters.

“(It) was so stressful, and when I look over, the guy and his friends were laughing their a**es off.”

“Pure selfishness. These are the same types of people that never put their shopping carts back. The same type of people that take all the Halloween candy when someone leaves the bowl out with a note. They’re some of the shi**iest scumbags around,” /u/NetworkChief commented.

“Satisfying. Thank You,” /u/Eddie_Mush replied.

While the official recommendations for these types of drivers is to not engage and let them in, I understand when some drivers fight back.”

That being said, you don’t know what those crazies out there might do.

“Just be careful and pick your battles. Go home to your family safe,” /u/HawksDiesel reminds us in the comments.


  1. I don’t know why is it so hard for people to understand and observe courteous driving!! One of my biggest complaints is lane jumpers on highways!! If everyone would just STAY in the lane they are in…unless it is ending or blocked…EVERYONE would move faster!! When so many people jump from lane to lane, it slows down everyone!! That lane is moving now because so many people just left it…now a rush of people moved into it and it is stopped again, and so on!! STAY WHERE YOU ARE!!!


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