One of many examples why Highway 99 has the reputation for one of the most dangerous roads in the United States.

Presumed Central Valley resident and Redditor /u/SixgunGorgonDynamo posted up shocking dashcam footage from Kingsburg, CA off of Highway 99 showing a driver in a Toyota Camry speeding at near triple digit speeds moments before they hit a tree, was dragged by a semi, and flipped on its side.

Check out a video of the speeder below.

Drive like hell… You’ll get there! [OC]
byu/SixgunGorgonDynamo inIdiotsInCars

As mentioned, the incident took place on Highway 99, his speeding starting in Goshen and ending North of Traver (Exact location of where he wiped out on Google Maps linked here.)

Highway 99, especially this stretch of road before Bakersfield, is notorious for speeders like this Camry.

As you can see in the video, he zooms by OP going at least 90 MPH (I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s 100+ MPH.)

Although OP doesn’t capture the crash, he does get the predictable aftermath, the Toyota Camry on its side.

According to a CHP police report on the incident obtained by an independent news reporter (embedded below) the Camry hit a tree before being hit by a semi, dragged, and landing on its side.

Your guess is as good as mine as to how exactly that played out, but it’s safe to say speed was a major contributing factor.

According to the report, it’s worth noting that the occupant of the vehicle took off running into the orchard before returning to the Camry, circling it moments after the accident.

Thankfully, the police report concludes, changing the status of the victim to a minor injury.

It could’ve easily ended a lot worse.

“is it ok to roll down the window and mercilessly mock someone in this situation? asking for a friend…,” /u/TheIceKing420 commented.

“Always nice to see a story with a happy ending,” /u/Gunnerblaster added.

“This is a well put together clip displaying the small brain of that driver. I hope they were ok, for what it’s worth, but hope they learned a lesson on how driving like that leads to this outcome rather than getting wherever they were going safely,” /u/ShenanigansAllDay replied.

Highway 99 in the Central Valley has speed limits upwards of 70 MPH which, to locals, means the agreed upon speed limit is somewhere around 80 MPH.

Some drivers see a long strech of road with a relativly high speed limit as permission to really speed.

Just, don’t.

The number one advice CHP and police give to drivers is to just. slow. down.

It’s as simple as that.

Speeding like that Camry driver is reason why you shouldn’t.

You put yourself and others in danger for an accident resulting in injury, or worse.


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