A pea brain decided to cut in front of everyone trying to re-route themselves through this Hardee’s parking lot.

Presumed Kansan and Redditor /u/INICKLE posted up a head shaking bit of dashcam footage from earlier yesterday (June 10, 2024) from Wichita to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing the moment a man-child climbed out of his truck to shout at OP over getting honked at.

Check out his dashcam video below.

Man child gets out of truck after getting honked at [OC]
byu/INICKLE inIdiotsInCars

The incident took place near the S Hillsdale Ave and E Harry St. in the parking lot of a Hardee’s (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

“An accident at the intersection caused everyone to have to go through this Hardee’s Parking Lot,” OP explains.

“This guy in an orange truck (Ram 1500) cuts through the parking lot to cut in front of everyone.”

As OP’s video shows, traffic is trying its best to re-route themselves through this tiny parking lot as best they can.

The driver in an orange (wrapped?) Doge Ram 1500 brute forces his way through, cutting everyone off.

If anyone had tried to turn left the same time this Ram 1500 driver barreled through, they would’ve T-boned his truck.

OP honks at the Ram 1500 driver before turning right, following at a close distance.

The Ram 1500 driver slams on his brakes, comes to a complete stop, and then exits his truck to “confront” OP.

As pointed out by other Redditors, we can see him holding onto the front of his pants for some odd reason.

OP backs up to avoid confrontation and swings around the offending driver before driving off.

“It never ceases to amaze how people can go from “OUTTA MY WAY! OMG–I’M IN SUCH A HURRY!!!” to “Hold up…I’m gonna come to a complete stop and waste a bunch of my time” in 2 seconds flat,” /u/TripleTriumph pointed out.

“Ugh, why though? Maybe learn how to drive like a sane person and people won’t honk at you?!,” /u/2LEET_2_YEET added.

“Fragile, egotistical men in huge pickup trucks are everywhere lately,” /u/dreck_disp commented.

What OP did was the right thing to do, defusing the situation by not egging on the Ram 1500 driver and getting out of Dodge.

When it comes to road rage, it’s best to not escalate and avoid further confrontation.


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