In one of the biggest upsets of SEMA, in that we totally underestimated just how hard this tuner could work, according to Bisimoto on his Instagram post he dropped earlier today (Oct. 31,2017) he unveiled his 2014 Dodge Viper build with power numbers hovering around 700 HP. Back in June, we first got some inklings of this project when Bisimoto shared some photos of his time in Detroit, specifically with Ralph Gilles and his team at SRT Performance.

With very few Dodge Viper updates leading up to SEMA, I initially thought this project was put on the backburner as Bisimoto worked on the center seat Porsche and a hypermiler Ioniq for Hyundai, but boy was I wrong. Check out a couple of social media posts from Bisimoto and a couple of his sponsors below showcasing this boosted beast below.

Being Bisimoto, he’s sourced some of the best aftermarket performance that America has to offer. Details are scant on the build but we can infer some aspects of the build from the pictures alone. The hood at the NGK Sparkplugs booth is closed hinting at more work to be done in the future. Although Bisimoto is probably going to use some form of forced induction for this Viper, the 700 HP figure quoted by NGK means this V10 is still NA. Most likely Bisimoto slapped on a better breathing intake, possibly a better exhaust, and tuned the V10 up to 700 HP. With even a little bit of boost, power numbers should exceed 1000 HP. In its stock form, the Viper makes 640 HP and 600 lb-ft.

Around all four corners are a set of Fifteen52 Sprint GT 3 piece wheels. Since we can’t seem to find these wheels in Fifteen52’s official catalog, we’re going to assume these are new. Looking through the comments on their Instagram post reveals that these are a custom made set. Compared to the stock wheels, these Sprint GT’s add a bit of refined toughness to the looks of this Viper.

Keen eyes will notice a bit of aero flare on the rocker panels. According to Bisimoto, he plans to introduce an aero package for the Viper next month.

I think the Viper looks great on its own but these little touches on the wheels and side panels raise the bar on an already capable track monster. The real work, under the hood, has yet to be seen, and for that part, I’m most excited about.


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