Sure, you’ve seen commercials of regular cars going bananas down a snowy road at ridiculous speeds but what does it look like when someone does it in real life?

The Acura NSX is the everyday supercar that was billed to do it all without breaking a sweat under the hood or your bank. But driving triple-digit speeds on a snowy road? Why not? According to Hidetoshi Sato, owner of one quick NSX, and his video he posted up on NSX Prime earlier yesterday (Jan 15, 2018) all you have to do to pull off his monster feat is good tires, a steady hand, and balls of steel. Check out the amazing feat of NSX excellence for yourself below.

As a resident of Japan, Hidetoshi is no stranger to a bit of snow as winter brings the powdery stuff to all parts of the country. And this certainly isn’t his first time taking his NSX above regular speeds on a snow-laden road as he’s posted multiple times on NSX Prime, an NSX owners group on Facebook, showcasing his NSX taking the snow with ease.

The video itself is quite exhilarating to watch. Set in a semi-rural part of the country, there isn’t much traffic to contend with. And since Japan’s roads are known for being some of the best around, although the surface is peppered with the powdery stuff, the

ground beneath is presumably sound. At first, you don’t see or hear anything as the camera is pointed off into the distance. Then, all off a sudden we’re treated to a burst of Laguna Blue coming at breakneck speeds as the Hidetoshi’s NSX comes blazing past.

Driving fast is serious stuff, not to be taken lightly, even more so when conditions are not ideal. I’m going to give Hidetoshi the benefit of the doubt here and assume his tires are, at least, up to snuff to handle these conditions. And since the road wasn’t exactly filled with traffic, if he got into an accident, he’d only hurt himself, so at least there’s that.

Drive safe Hidetoshi!


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