Some poor kid stalled this car close to a dozen times just 50 feet from where he started from.

Ever since dash cams were a thing, the internet is flooded with stories we normally wouldn’t believe if we didn’t see it for ourselves. This is one of those stories. According to Reddit user /u/unfuze on his post earlier yesterday (Aug 8, 2018) this window tint employee managed to stall his Ford Focus RS a grand total of 11 times from the parking spot to inside the shop. Don’t believe me? Check out the video for yourself below.

Car Tinting shop stalls my Focus RS 11 TIMES to move it 50 feet from r/cars

I admit, driving a manual car for the first time is a bit daunting. But to try it out on a customer’s hot hatch and failing repeatedly is another story altogether.

Thankfully for this unfortunate fellow, the Ford Focus RS, despite bristling with 350 HP, has a forgiving stock clutch. Supposedly, it’s not too light nor is it too heavy going through the gears. To top it all off, Ford even has a “stall recovery” feature standard on all Ford Focus Rs’s that engages two or three seconds after you accidentally stall with no input on your own.

Before if you stalled, you’d have to slam on your clutch and brake pedals, throw your shifter into neutral, start your engine, and then shift to first. With stall recovery, you just depress the clutch after a stall and the engine starts up for you.

I’m not certain if this dude knew the Focus RS has this feature or if he just restarts the car multiple times on his own. Either way, I think he learned real quick that you can’t drop the clutch like that without stalling.

Also, it’s probably not a good idea blasting music when you can’t even concentrate on getting the car moving.

I’m sure this young one is good at wrapping some tint on a window but he’d best leave moving cars to the professionals.


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