If you’re looking for the unofficial fastest Toyota Supra on the Nurburgring, this is the quite possibly it.

This Toyota Supra might be 25 years old but its owner has yet to find this chassis’s limit despite pulling off the unofficial fastest lap done by a Toyota Supra, ever. Earlier today Super GT driver and Supra fanatic Max Orido posted up this amazing lap by a Toyota Supra owner running a Bridge to Gantry lap on the famed Nurburgring. His time was a blistering 7:18, quite an achievement by a non-factory driver in a tuned car. Check out the amazing lap for yourself below.

This is certainly not Simon Hart’s first rodeo on this famed circuit as his YouTube is full of videos of himself and his 1993 Toyota Supra cutting a rug with race-spec single seaters and modern-day bonafide supercars.

As per the video’s description, this Supra has enough boost for a conservative 700 HP, more than twice the Supra’s advertised 276 HP

Recently attended the Ringmeisters track day @Nurburgring and pulled out this stunning lap, the car has been developed over the last 4 to 5 years by myself and Performance@Hart to fit in with the very undulating nature of the Nordschleife, just a few more tweaks and it shouldn`t be far off perfect for fast effortless lapping.

You wouldn’t know it from the video but this lap wasn’t entirely perfect as far as Hart’s concerned, there’s room for improvement. I’m assuming those points where his suspension bottoms out on the ups and downs of the circuit are what he’s talking about in the description. As the Nurburgring is a public road, there was also a bit of traffic in his way despite it being a track day event.

But besides those small points, what a lap! The engine, a turbocharged 2JZ straight-6, is an absolute treat to listen to, the blow-off valve providing quite the harmony to the raw noises emitting from the exhaust. Like any Nurburgring driver giving it 10/10ths his hands are sawing away at the wheel but it’s not like he’s fighting his Supra, they’ve come a long way together.

As mentioned, there’s still a bit of tuning to go, so this isn’t his “perfect lap.”

I’m curious to see Hart turn his effortless lap, soon.



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