“Whoever installed these wide fenders shouldn’t work on cars and should probably get socked in the face.”

All cars have fenders which contribute to the overall shape of a car and protect the rest of the car’s body from debris like dirt, mud, and other small pieces of flying objects on the road. But, when you want to upgrade to a larger and wider wheel and/or need more steering angle calling for you to modify your suspension to swing well past your stock fenders, fender flares are installed.

If done right, fender flares contribute to the overall look of your setup and protect the rest of your exterior. But, if done wrong, most likely the fender flares will cover your work up. This idiot who installed fender flares on his Nissan 240 drift missile which was later found out by the owner of Daft Innovations who shared this video on Facebook, is definitely in the latter group. And I’m calling it. This is quite possibly the worst fender flare installation on a car, ever.

Check out the sorry excuse of a fender flare installation in the video below.

The proper way of cutting OEM bodywork and installing fender flares includes marking up the stock body with a template of some sort and either trimming the fender away in a continuous circular cut or segmenting the fender with perpendicular cuts which can be folded up to keep the original body’s structural strength.

This, on the other hand, is a case of not having the right tools on hand. What this owner has done is a complete hack job in every sense of the word. With metal pointing out so sharply, can you imagine cutting yourself on one of those points when changing a tire? Or driving along, hitting a bump, and puncturing one of your tires because of this fender flare installation gone wrong?

I’m at a loss for words on this one.

Source: Daft Innovations


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