This moderately modified Scion FR-S, with all its upgrades, couldn’t even negotiate the gentlest of curves and it’s all on video.

The Scion FR-S is arguably one of the most balanced sports cars to come from Japan in modern times but this FR-S owner managed to ruin everything engineers did by modding it, evidenced by this embarrassing display of grip (or lack thereof.) According to Marcos who goes by @h3rcu13s_frs on Instagram earlier today (Jan. 28, 2019) he took his FR-S at normal speeds around a very gentle bend (or curve if you will) on this dry road and managed to lose traction, skip over multiple lanes, and crash into a light pole.

Check out his post as well as a back-up on Facebook just in case he gets too embarrassed and deletes his video himself.


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His caption reads,

Stupidity or mistakes happen .. wasn’t trying to drift or anything just a drive-by.. all of sudden lost control rear wheel spun too much and yeah.. thank God I’m okay just wheel bended , bumper , and control arm. Looks bad but not really, I came out no scratch and an alive chihuahua ? done with cars for now lol. Careful y’all

Like all car enthusiast’s, the man’s proud of his build and has multiple shots of his pride and joy for us to dissect. Here’s what his car looks like below.


This particular FR-S got the whole bucket list of mods thrown its way including a full widebody kit, diffusers, rear window louvers, and most importantly, coilovers and wider wheels and tires. Here’s just how wide his tires are below.

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All factors being equal, a slightly wider tire will give more grip over its equal skinnier counterpart but there are so many variables that affect just how good a tire will perform that, in the real world, such is not the case. At first glance, these tires look like high-performance summer tires which should provide good grip when up to temperature.

The key phrase is “up to temperature.” My guess is that Marcos did not have a hot enough tire to serve any meaningful grip. With a wider tire and low-weight, it takes a lot longer to get this tire up to operating temperature. Additionally, we don’t know just how well he’s been taking care of his tire pressures, if he’s been rotating his tires, or if his suspension has legit coilovers. Surely, with a stock setup, this curve is no problem.

But for this FR-S with those mods on that particular day, this FR-S overcooked it, no one’s fault but his own.


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