I’m calling it. The Million Mile Lexus is 99.9 percent to its goal with only 631 miles left.

Update 2/23- They made it! Tavarish has it now.

It’s been five long years but it’s likely that sometime in February, owner and title holder of this LS400 Matt Farah, will get the keys back from the current custodians, Robert and Marissa Moschowsky, and will drive that final handful of miles to roll over one million.

Check out the latest Instagram post from @robbie_mo showing his mileage contribution below.


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And with that my time with the #millionmilelexus ends. 11 states and 10,000 miles later.

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As per Robbie_mo’s Instagram stories, Robert drove it from Noblesville, IN (which is a stone’s throw from Indianapolis) to Atlanta, GA and handed over the keys to someone Matt trusts with a little over 600 miles to go. In total, Robbie’s added a whopping 9500 miles to the odometer cementing himself as a solid contributor in a long line of custodians that stretches back years and has, at one point, included Doug Demuro.

According to Matt Farah’s earlier post, the final miles will be driven sometime in the next 30 days so presumably the Million Mile Lexus is being stored in Atlanta until Matt himself can fly down and do the honors of driving those final miles.


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Shoutout to @robbie_mo just passed 999k in my #millionmilelexus woohoo! Home stretch coming next 30 days!

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Earlier last year I blogged that the Million Mile Lexus will be going to Freddy Hernandez a.k.a. Tavarish who lives somewhere in Florida who’ll, at that point, possibly turbocharge it or do some sort of forced induction after the Lexus has rolled over (or stopped at) 999,999 miles.

Now, this engine might have 1 million miles on the clock but the 1UZ is legendary for being receptive to power add-ons. These Kiwis reckon a good 1UZ can handle upwards of 500 HP to the wheels reliably, so, I’m keen to see just how much power Tavarish might squeeze out of this “tired” engine.

The other question I have on my mind is what does Lexus think of all this? I can only imagine someone in Lexus’s engine department wants to get their hands on the internals of this particular LS400 before shenanigans begin.

All our questions will be answered soon enough and I’ll be monitoring The Smoking Tire’s social media accounts to see what he does next so stay tuned!

Source: Robbie_Mo via Instagram


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