This Landsail tire outperforms premium UHP tires at half the price.

Landsail Tires are part of the Sentury Tire Family Brand of tires.

The Sentury lineup of brands includes Sentury, Delinte, Landsail, Groundspeed, and Pantera tires.

Sentury Tires was founded in 1992 and, although they are a mainly passenger car tire producer, since 2013, Sentury tires are an approved supplier of aviation tires for Boeing passenger plane landing gear, an achievement they are clear to point out among all of their brand’s promotional material.

Sentury introduced Landsail Tires in 2010.

“Landsail equipped means you can expect extremely high quality, research and performance,” says Max Wee, Executive Vice President of Sentury Tire USA. “Quality, research, and performance all lead to a high level of consumer confidence.”

That statement is echoed on Landsail’s Square of Success found on their Product Catalog.

Landsail Equipped = Quality, Research, Performance, and Confidence.

Landsail Tire’s About Us section says,

Landsail ​Tires​ are built with a no-nonsense vision to manufacture the best tire that technology can build.

Sentury Tires has tire factories at their main headquarters in Qingdao, Shandong, China and Thailand.

Landsail Tires are made in China and Thailand.

Sentury Tires USA is headquartered in Hialeah, Florida.

Sentury Tires had plans to build a tire plant in the United States, but those plans were put on hold indefinitely.

Product Lineup

Landsail makes tires for sedans, minivans, crossovers, SUVs, and light trucks.

Their current lineup includes-

  • CLX9 Mudblazer M/T
  • CLX12 Rogueblazer R/T
  • CLX10 Rangeblazer A/T
  • CLX11 Roadblazer H/T
  • LS588 Ultra High-Performance Tire
  • LS588 All Season
  • LS388
  • Trailblazer CLV2

Key Technologies

  • European Engineering
  • Light Truck Tire technologies include-
    • 3-ply puncture guard sidewalls.
    • F-Rated capabilities– 12-ply Construction
    • Three Peak Mountain rated (CLX10 Rangerblazer A/T)
    • Noise Reduction Engineering (CLX11 Roadblazer H/T)
  • Car Passenger Tire technologies include
    • Unique “LS” Silica Compound– Increased flexibility in cold weather, increased traction on wet surfaces, and reduced rolling resistance for fuel saving. (LS588)
    • Electrostatic Conducting Graphene– Graphene enhanced found on LS588
    • Fuel Saving Tread Compound– A special formulated rubber compound made to reduce rolling resistance (LS388)
    • Quiet- Ride Pitch Alignment -Tread pitch width and alignment design to suppress road noise. (LS388)
  • SUV and CUV Tire technologies include
    • Optimum Speed Ratings– Multiple OE Replacement sizes with T, H, V, and W speed ratings means comfort and control at higher speeds (CLV2 All Season)


Landsail Tires has one recall.

Landsail Model CLX11 was recalled on March 4, 2020 for Sidewall separation that can lead to tire failure, increasing the risk of a crash. This appears to be a manufacturer defect stemming from Sentury’s Tire factory in Thailand. 7 other models of tires made from that factory were involved.

Landsail Warranty

50K Limited Mileage Warranty. Selective Tire Models are covered for up to 50,000 miles or up to 2/32” of usable tread life remaining. Warranty information is found here.

Are Landsail Tires any good?

A good marker of a decent tire maker is one that can pull off a good Highway Terrain (H/T) tire, one of the most demanding classes of tire considering higher vehicle weights (light truck) and being able to deliver several thousands of miles of performance and reliability.

Landsail’s CLX11 recall has me seriously concerned about the overall quality of Landsail Tires. Recall aside, reviews of the CLX11 on SimpleTire ( a 3rd party tire seller that posts reviews from real humans, bad reviews and all) show that this model tire was hard to balance and made too much road noise at highway speeds despite its road noise reduction technology.

A standout in Landsail’s lineup is their LS588 UHP. The LS588 is one of the few tires made that incorporates Graphene technology. Graphene, a single layer of carbon atoms bonded together, boosts a tire’s capabilities including improving road handling, cut resistance, extending wearability and improves rolling resistance, giving a tire model a competitive edge.

There are dozens of glowing reviews on SimpleTire for how the LS588 delivers so much performance for the price.

Scott Haycocks writes,

Put a set of these on wife’s 2009 MX-5 Miata about 18 months ago, so far they are great, “Haycocks says. “Excellent handling, showing barely any wear at all after over 7k miles. Balancing was easy, just one tiny weight on two tires.

Andrew Sutherland commented,

These tires are awesome, “Sutherland says “I will put these on my Infiniti q70l going forward all the time. “I recommended these to anyone that wants a low profile performance tire that doesn’t require you taking out a second mortgage.

LS588 UHPs in a popular 255/35/18 retail for $112 at Walmart. A BF Goodrich Sport Comp-2 UHP, a similar UHP in the same size, costs around $210.

Like most tires the American consumer is not familiar with, Landsail offers a lot of value for the price. But, you MUST do your homework to avoid a make and model that doesn’t deliver.

In conclusion, I’d caution buyers away from Landsail’s Light Truck Tires (CLX9, CLX12, CLX10, CLX 11) but would seriously consider Landsail’s LS588 UHP if I was in the market for a high performance summer tire that won’t break the bank.


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