Old lady couldn’t see around turning car, so she just goes.

Presumed Utah resident and Redditor /u/KJlott99 shared dashcam footage from her sister driving in Spanish Fork earlier last week (Feb 2, 2024) showing the hare brained moment an elderly woman drove into an intersection without having a clear view of oncoming traffic.

Check out /u/KJLott99’s sister’s footage below.

Old lady can’t see around turning car so she just goes [oc] (Nsfw for language)
byu/kjlott99 inIdiotsInCars

The accident happened on the 500 block of E 1000 N just before the NEBU Credit Union in Spanish Fork (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

OP clarified that his sister is the one driving and her husband is in the passenger seat, as that’s caused confusion in the comments.

In the video, we can see OP’s sister driving in the left-most lane of E 1000 N.

A white Toyota RAV4 is about 100 feet in front of their car in the right lane turning into the shopping center and obscuring the vision of anyone attempting to turn out of that driveway.

As OP’s sister drives towards the next major intersection and comes near that shopping center’s exit driveway, an elderly lady in a red van starts to inch out and then just sends it.

OP’s sister reacts as quickly as any normal driver (between .75-1.5 seconds) in that situation would and slams on her brakes.

Slowing as best she could, it’s too little too late, and she ends up crashing into the driver’s side corner of the front of that red van.

“You weren’t even paying attention,” we can hear her say.

A disabled placard can be seen dangling from the red van’s rear view mirror.

“The old woman in the red van told my sister it was her (the old woman’s) fault but we don’t know if she told the cops that. She was issued a citation for failure to yield.”

“Absolutely red van’s fault. She was also illegally hanging her handicapped placard from her rear view mirror while driving,” eagle-eyed /u/sardawg1 pointed out.

“Mandatory driving tests every other year after 70,” /u/OK-web7441 recommended.

“Not excusing anyone, but that’s an awfully planned intersection,” /u/oh_no_cat critiqued.

Even if this turned out to be a case of he said, she said, thankfully OP’s sister has a dashcam to back up her statement.

Even though OP’s sister did the best she could in the situation and wasn’t at fault, what an insurance headache and waste of time it’ll be to sort everything out.


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