This lunatic in Tacoma also happened to speed next to a construction zone, potentially doubling his fine.

Presumed ‘Toner and Redditor /u/DropTheMic12 shared concerning dashcam footage from his friend that turned to instant karma from earlier yesterday (June 5, 2024) on the 509 showing a maniac in a Ford F-150 using a center turn lane and actively going against traffic to cut off everyone else.

Check out this deranged driver’s move below.

The incident happened at the intersection of SR-509 and Taylor Way (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As the dashcam footage shows, OP’s friend is driving forward across the intersection with Taylor Way like a normal, sane, person, when, all of a sudden, a driver in a black Ford F-150 speeds by OP’s friend and other traffic on the far left side turn lane.

A Ford F-150 in Tacoma goes against traffic while speeding. Photo Credit: Screenshot via a dashcam video shared by /u/DropTheMic12.

The speed limit on this stretch of road is 50 MPH. This maniac had to be touching 100 MPH.

Tacoma PD must’ve seen the whole thing because, less than a mile later, a police cruiser can be seen with their blues and tunes on, pulling over the offending driver.

“So many moving violations in so little time. Running a red, illegal lane change (crossing a solid white), likely speeding in the construction zone, reckless driving. So many points. Do not pass go,” /u/TheJusticiar pointed out.

Speeding in Washington like this is subject to a base fine of several hundred dollars, including points on your record.

Keen eyes will notice the speeder drove by a construction site, potentially doubling his speeding fine, or worse.

Running a red light in Washington carries a base fine of at least $138.

An illegal, unsafe lane change in Washington is subject to a $250 base fine.

Additionally, this driver’s actions can largely be classified as reckless driving which, itself, carries a fine up to $5,000 and possible jail time no greater than 364 days.

In other words, this guy’s cooked.

“Think that guy may have been already running from the cop. At least I hope so,” /u/Dil*doBagginss commented.

“I find it really funny this guy went through all this trouble barreling through the light only to end up one car ahead of OP,” /u/ClownToucher added.

There’s no justification to drive so recklessly.

Thankfully, it looks like no one, and their property, was seriously hurt or injured as it could’ve ended up a lot worse.

Hopefully this guy, not only gets a ton of fines and points, but sees his license suspended for several years, too.


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