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Thursday, October 1, 2020
KIA Stinger

KIA could sell more Stingers but American dealerships are screwing it up

The Kia Stinger has been on sale for a few months now but it looks like a couple of American Kia dealerships are screwing...

95% of Honda fans can’t name this engine

Have a guess what this Honda engine is? Well, you're wrong. https://www.instagram.com/p/BiGClyaB-Sk/?taken-by=dseriesonly_ Earlier last week while scrolling through Instgram, I came across this photo of a...
Motor Trend YouTube

Opinion: Motor Trend should reinvent itself on YouTube, take advantage of its subscriber base

Motor Trend announced that they're leaving YouTube. I think that's a huge mistake. Saying that Youtube is dead as a platform and isn't worth your...

2019 Corvette ZR1 still slower than Tesla Model S to 60 MPH

The 2019 Corvette ZR1 may be one fast supercar killer but Tesla's little ol' four-door sedan can still beat it to 60 MPH and...

How to disable Acura Honda Active sound control so exhaust isn’t piped through the...

Do you hate the fact that your Acura or Honda pipes exhaust noise through your speakers and want to disable it? Well here's how! Fake...
Car Umbrella

This SLK Mercedes in Beverly Hills has an umbrella

I've researched about these car umbrellas to protect my car from the sun but never have I seen someone using it in real life...until...
Dobre NSX

Why I’m OK with this Youtuber standing on the hood of a new NSX

My initial reaction was hate, hate, hate when I saw a photo of this 19-year-old standing on the hood of a brand-spankin' new 2018...
NSX Debut

Honda’s CEO redlined the NS-X onstage before its debut in 1989

Before Honda could unveil its sleek new sports car, Honda's CEO decided to peg the throttle on-stage just because. If it wasn't for Honda's public...
Honda Accord

Why no one’s buying the new Honda Accord

Honda just released its January 2018 sales report and Honda Accord sales took a major hit despite being all new for 2018. Honda's January sales...
Miata donuts

World’s best building manager loves parking lot donuts

When you've got a building manager that knows it's better to lose a couple of battles to win a war, you know he's got...
snow fort car

Japanese shop owner gets revenge on illegally parked car in the best way possible

Finding good parking in Japan is a privilege so when this driver decided that it was OK to park in an area meant only...
TLX Badge

2020 Acura TLX Type S SH-AWD will be the best Acura sedan ever

Acura confirmed the return of the V6 Turbo and Type S trim levels (along with some other details) which means the TLX will become...

This is Boeing’s revolutionary aerial refueler for the MQ-25 competition

Landing a contract with the Department of Defense for an unmanned refueling aircraft is a big deal and it looks like Boeing is in...
swastika exhaust

Some exhaust shop thought it was funny to weld a swastika on this poor...

Some misguided exhaust shop employee thought it was a fun idea to weld on a Swastika and a nod to Germany's SS unit on...
Passive agressive

Redditor shames apartment building into moving illegally parked dumpster

A disgruntled Redditor was upset that this luxury apartment building was taking up two parking space with their gigantic dumpster, so he, and his...

Honda boss right in saying new S2000 needs to make sense saleswise

Honda faithful and S200 enthusiasts the world over are excited to hear that Honda's boss, Takahiro Hachigo, is still open to the possibility of...
99 Eclipse

Top 10 most unreliable Japanese cars according to Reddit /r/cars

Japanese cars are synonymous with being both a value buy and reliable as the rising of the sun (see what I did there?) When...

This $1 hack might prevent a thief from stealing your truck’s tailgate

While cars and trucks have gotten harder to steal over the years, that hasn't prevented thieves from figuring out different ways to profit off...
Fence post caps center caps

You can use $1 fence post caps to replace your lost wheel center caps

Did you buy wheels off of Craigslist and they didn't come with center caps? Or do you own an expensive set of JDM wheels...
Honda S2000

The S in Honda S2000 Stands for Sports thanks to the S360

June 5 marks the 55th anniversary of the Honda S360, Honda's first sports car. A cursory glance at the Honda S360, S500, S600, S800, and...