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Speed Injected

Florida tuning shop roasted after internet links background of adult video shoot to them

Of course ad**t movie studios in the greater Florida area need to use real deal garages for that extra authentic storyline. Leave it up to...
Webb I eat ass

State Attorney admits defeat, 1st amendment protects Florida Man’s “I eat ass” decal

Before even heading to court,  Florida's State Attorney's office filed papers admitting that Dillon Webb has a valid defense thanks to the United States...
West Palm Beach Lexus Hit and run

West Palm Beach Hit and Run video gone viral, lady in Lexus RX left...

This West Palm Beach hit and run is going viral as this Lexus RX driver almost tried to get away after injuring two. Lurry Tmoe,...

Florida man attempts to drive riding lawn mower into the back of his minivan

This Florida man may or may not have succeeded in getting his riding lawn mower into the back of his Mazda MPV minivan. If you're...
Chicken engine bay

Mechanic finds live chicken cause of Ford Expedition’s coolant leak, returns bird

This car mechanic didn't believe his eyes when he saw feathers sticking out from inside the engine bay but a chicken was somehow wedged...
Kia Sorento Utility pole

Floridians prove that Kia Sorento roofs can handle full sized utility poles

Have you ever driven by an exceptionally good looking utility pole and wondered if your mid-sized SUV can handle the weight of such a...
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