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BBR 1.5 turbo

BBR releases turbo upgrade for ND Miata, Skyactiv 1.5L now good for 210 HP

Tuning geniuses out of Britain, BBR, have developed a 210 HP turbocharger upgrade for ND Miata's equipped with Skyactiv 1.5L engines. Although Mazda has graced...
Rally RX-8

This Mazda 3 Rotor RX-8 rally car is pure enjoyment to listen too

This Mazda 3 Rotor RX-8 rally car ripping it through the hills of Marten, New Zealand is pure enjoyment to listen too. Usually, when you...
Mazda 6

Mazda says turbo engines are just show ponies for high EPA numbers

Mazda spoke to some auto journalists off the cuff at the 2017 LA Auto Show and stated that Mazda isn't about turbocharging their engines...
Mazda 6

2018 Mazda 6 will add optional 2.5T with 250 HP and 300 plus lb-ft

Always ahead of the times, the last generation Mazda 6 dropped the V6 optional engine in favor of an NA 2.5L. But that engine...
99 Eclipse

Top 10 most unreliable Japanese cars according to Reddit /r/cars

Japanese cars are synonymous with being both a value buy and reliable as the rising of the sun (see what I did there?) When...
RX8 Rotary

Mazda Hints That Rotary Engine Will Make A Comeback But Not Like You Imagine

The 2017 Spring Issue of ZoomZoom magazine makes a couple of hints at a rotary revival to celebrate 50 years of rotary technology. Anniversaries of...
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