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Mazda’s restored 4 Miatas & counting with its Japan-only restoration service

Mazda's Miata restoration program has moved along since Mazda announced the program delivering four refreshed Miatas Remember back in 2017 when Mazda announced its Japan-only...
Adam Saruwatari

Adam Saruwatari’s NSX & RX-7 drag cars reintroduced to next gen tuners on Youtube

Import drag racing legend Adam Saruwatari is releasing fresh content chronicling his drag cars on Youtube and it's worth your time to give his...
Mazda 6 Convertible

World’s only official Mazda 6 convertible does some parade duties for local police

Did you know that Mazda has one official Mazda 6 convertible and, if you're in Japan near Tokyo, you can maybe see it on...

Florida man attempts to drive riding lawn mower into the back of his minivan

This Florida man may or may not have succeeded in getting his riding lawn mower into the back of his Mazda MPV minivan. If you're...
RX-7 reunites with its owner

Mazda RX-7 FD reuniting with its original owner is the wholesome content we need

This FD owner reunited with his beloved RX-7 if only for a moment and it's guaranteed to make any car enthusiast shed a tear...
Mazdaspeed Time Trap

Mazdaspeed Time Trap Lap Timer is a clock you mount on your steering wheel

Mazdaspeed once offered an optional steering wheel mounted lap timer where you could conveniently time your laps without moving your hands too far from...
24 Hours of Daytona Ford GT Castrol

2019 24 Hours Of Daytona: How to watch HD live streaming coverage

If you're looking for streaming for the 2019 24 Hours of Daytona here's a couple of options. The IMSA WeatherTech Sports Car Championship 57th Rolex...
Mazda FC FR Legends

FC Mazda RX-7 coming to FR Legends with next update

Do you want some brap in your life on FR Legends because you're going to get it. The developers of FR Legends are constantly updating...
Mazda3 sedan

This is it: 2019 Mazda3 debuts with Kodo design and possible 1.8L diesel engine

Sleeker, more efficient, and with captivating design, this is the 2019 Mazda3 before its official debut. The Mazda3 is slated to debut later this week...
Mazda CX-5

2019 Mazda CX-5 debuts with new 250 HP and 310 lb-ft turbo engine

 Mazda brings over its hottest Skyactiv turbo engine from the Mazda 6 and bigger brother, the CX-9 and shoehorns it into the Mazda CX-5...

2019 Mazda 3 teased before LA Auto Show, optional Skyactiv-X hybrid may pack 205...

Will a sleek Kodo design with more efficient and powerful engines be enough to sway consumers towards the new 2019 Mazda 3? 19 days from...
2019 Mazda 3

2019 Mazda 3: leaked sketches show a sharper, leaner, and driver focused compact sedan

If you thought the current generation Mazda 3 was sharp enough, taking heavily from its Kodo design ethos, look for the 2019 Mazda 3...
range extending rotary engine

Exclusive: This is Mazda’s new rotary engine range extender & it’s horizontally mounted

Mazda is bringing the rotary in an application we'd rather not see it return in, as a lowly range extender. It's been six long years...
Miata restoration

This factory restored 1992 Mazda Miata is the most pristine 90’s Miata ever. Here’s...

Mazda is restoring first generation Mazda Miatas to factory fresh conditions and here's the first one delivered to its owners. God Bless Mazda for offering such...
Big M Superstore

Kentucky dealership gives teen free Mazda 3 after college students flipped his old car

When Big M. Superstore got wind that this teenager's car got flipped by a bunch of rowdy college students, they jumped into action and...

Rumor: Dealers financing 2017-2018 Mazda MX-5 Miatas for dirt cheap

If you've considered getting into a Mazda Miata, now's the time. With a new Miata on the way, I've seen more and more posts on...
Miata vandalism

Justice incoming: Group of lowlifes stand on strangers Mazda Miata

This Mazda Miata owner came back to his car covered in dings and dents from people standing on it. Thankfully, the internet has receipts...
Miata sweet potatoes

Miata owner in Japan literally roasts and sells sweet potatoes on his trunk

People race Miatas, drift them, and generally just drive around in them, but do you roast sweet potatoes on the trunk of them? This...
RX8 Rotary

Mazda’s legendary rotary finds disappointing home with Toyota autonomous vehicles

Mazda's legendary magical spinning triangle finds a disappointing home in a giant bread loaf Toyota that drives around on its own. If you're looking to...
Miata donuts

World’s best building manager loves parking lot donuts

When you've got a building manager that knows it's better to lose a couple of battles to win a war, you know he's got...
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