Monday, June 27, 2022
Air Products Wilmington

Air Products admits to Hydrogen supply chain disruption in SoCal

Thanks to reporting from Green Car Reports and an e-mail reply from the California Fuel Cell Partnership I have an official statement from Air...
Mirai refuel

Partial failure of Air Products hydrogen supply assets behind SoCal hydrogen fuel shortage

SoCal hydrogen car owners expected to endure one more week of empty hydrogen fuel stations due to hydrogen supply shortage. It's been more than a...
Mirai refuel

Toyota is aware of Hydrogen shortage in SoCal, will compensate you for a rental

If you own a Toyota Mirai and can't refuel your Mirai thanks to the Hydrogen shortage, Toyota will compensate you for a rental. Earlier today...

Hydrogen fuel shortage in Socal is leaving Honda Clarity and Toyota Mirai owners stranded

Honda Clarity and Toyota Mirai owners in Southern California can't fill up their Hydrogen cars thanks to Hydrogen fuel shortage. Update 7/26 - Supply-side problem...
Clarity PHEV World debut

Rumor Mill: 2019 Honda Clarity PHEV to make world début July 19

Honda is teasing something on their Japanese YouTube called the New Type or New Type E and a lot of people think it's the...
PCX Hybrid

The 2019 Honda PCX Hybrid is low-key an Acura NSX on two wheels

Care to entertain that headline you just read and for a moment put a Honda Scooter side-by-side with an Acura NSX? Read on. Earlier last...
Nissan Leaf Drifting

Is this Nissan Leaf the first EV competition drift car?

Japan meet organizer Hyper Meeting dropped some images and information on what'll ultimately be an exhibition run of a Nissan Leaf competition car. But...

Honda’s Urban EV Concept greenlighted for production means specs should drop shortly

Honda announced that they've opened the order books for the 2019 Honda Urban EV concept but we already knew it was going to be made...
Kona electric

Hyundai Kona Electric with 290 miles of range on the way so get hyped

Hyundai is dropping the Kona, its subcompact SUV, this Spring. But it's the all-electric Kona you should REALLY get hyped about. Hyundai is finally making...
Nissan camera truck

Nissan can shoot carbon neutral ads thanks to e-NV200 camera rig

Nissan made this custom all-electric camera chase rig officially making it the first car manufacturer capable of shooting carbon neutral ads. Nissan can now proudly...
Tesla Semi

Anheuser-Busch invests in the future of transport by ordering 40 Tesla semi trucks

In a bid to get in the priority line for the much heralded Tesla Semi truck, put in an order for 40 semis. While...

Big moves in Europe’s EV Charging infrastructure, Shell partners with joint venture of car...

The writing's on the wall for the future of electric cars moving forward. There's going to be more of them and the big oil...
Honda CEO Takahiro

Honda claims by 2022 their EV fleet will charge in 15 mins with 150...

If you're planning on buying an EV in 2022 and are adamant about getting a Honda. Honda says they've got you covered with 15...

Too good to be true: Fisker’s solid state battery promises 500 miles, 1 minute...

Fisker, the electric car company known more for the failed Karma, might have a battery technology that can turn around this company's future. A battery...
Chevy Volt

GM’s all-new EV platform will drive total cost per unit down 30 percent

It looks like GM is taking the logical route to cost-cutting in developing EV vehicles and is taking a page from what Tesla's been...
James Dyson

Dyson sues ex-chief exec for divulging company secrets on electric car

It seems people with information on James Dyson's revolutionary new electric car can't seem to keep their mouths shut as Dyson's CEO is once...
Honda Clarity

NYIAS: 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid and Electric 42 mile range make debuts

Honda is getting every dollar it can out of the Honda Clarity chassis by debuting two new models to go with the Clarity Hydrogen fuel...
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