Thursday, February 15, 2024
fleshlight exhaust.

A fleshlight stuck in an exhaust makes for one disturbing visual

Some bored individual with clearly too much time on their hands decided it was a good idea to duct tape a fleshlight to the...
4a-ge corolla

This 1995 Toyota Corolla with a Blacktop 4A-GE makes for one fun daily driver

The Smoking Tire's latest one-take features an unassuming 1995 Toyota Corolla with a period correct swap that will elicit more than a few grins...
Rally RX-8

This Mazda 3 Rotor RX-8 rally car is pure enjoyment to listen too

This Mazda 3 Rotor RX-8 rally car ripping it through the hills of Marten, New Zealand is pure enjoyment to listen too. Usually, when you...
snow Honda Civic Type R

Watch this $35,000 Honda Civic Type R fail miserably in light snow

This Honda Civic Type R owner was able to sign the dotted line on a $35,000 race car for the streets but forgot to...

Someone 3D printed a working Toyota 22RE miniature engine

Someone in Japan managed to 3D print a real-life "working" Toyota 22-RE engine with moving parts. It seems like if you can imagine it, you...

Florida suspect finds out that even a C7 Corvette can’t outrun a police helicopter

Even a good ol' American V8 sports car wasn't enough to outrun and outwit these Florida police in a much faster helicopter. When your harboring...
Sienna off-road

This late model Toyota Sienna off-roading is proper van life shenanigans

Someone on Reddit's /r/cars shared a video of his friend taking his Mom's Toyota Sienna out for a bit of off-roading. What happens when you're...
engine explosion

This is what it looks like when an engine self destructs at 146 PSI...

Things went properly awry when these engine builders from Firepunk diesel tempted fate and turned up the boost to 146 psi on this engine...
Chrysler Bear

This dancing bear at the Chrysler booth is your LA Auto Show spirit animal

Mascots are a great way to drum up some excitement at your booth and Chrysler definitely had the right idea with this dancing bear...
Camaro donuts

Seatbelts are important: Watch as this passenger falls out of a Camaro doing donuts

If you're going to go ham riding shotgun with a driver hellbent on doing donuts, you'd better have your seatbelt on. When you're young, riding...
Crash ferrari

Watch this owner completely wreck a super rare Ferrari FXX Evoluzione

When you're driving a super rare Ferrari on a track, you're going to want to be extra careful and take the time to learn...

Watch as car thieves boost the signal from an owner’s keyless fob to steal...

This surveillance system caught this pair of car thieves using the owner's own keyfob, safe within his house, to steal his own car. While keyless...

Watch KTuner work its magic and grace this K20C2 Civic with 22 WHP

Watch in real-time as Ktuner blesses this 10th gen Honda Civic with a K20C2 with an additional 22 WHP. If you're into tuning your Honda and...
Hellcat dragrace

Watch this 60-year-old man in a Hellcat lay a smackdown on this C6 ‘Vette

Youtuber ItsJustA6 found out quite comically that even though this older gentleman seems like a nice guy, with 707 HP at his disposal, he...
Ford Mustang

Ford’s 2018 Mustang GT with 10 speed auto out accelerates Shelby GT350

Ford's 2018 Mustang GT out accelerates its GT350 brethren, at least to 60 MPH. It's hard to believe at first, but the video speaks for...

CarMax true to their word buys that used Honda Accord for $20,000

This guy's viral ad landed him a $20,000 offer from CarMax for his girlfriend's used Honda Accord. Earlier this month, a used car ad of...
Ballade Sports

Watch this Honda S2000 rev to 10,000 RPM without breaking a sweat

Even though Honda has switched to smaller displacement engines, turbocharging, and thus smooth power throughout the rev-range that doesn't mean tuners haven't ditched their...
C5 Engine Bay

This 2000 Chevrolet Corvette with over 773,000 miles finds home at Corvette Museum

Think Corvette owner and images conjured up include drivers waxing their 'Vettes on a Saturday afternoon, short trips to Cars and Coffee meets and...
volvo truck brakes

Accident avoided: Brakes on this Volvo truck help driver stop, narrowly missing kid

This real-life situation narrowly avoided should be a good enough example to teach your kids not to cross the street without looking twice and...
Wrecked lambo

This Lamborghini Murcielago wrecks trying to race against a Honda Civic Hatchback

It sounds like a story from another dimension but this Lamborghini found out the hard way that you should probably just let that Civic...
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