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Wednesday, September 15, 2021
H2 Cars Iwatani Hydrogen station

Line of Hydrogen cars form at Iwatani stations as NorCal H2 supply shortage hits

Close to a half dozen Hydrogen powered cars can be seen on camera as this Honda Clarity FCV owner waited her turn to fill...
H2 Supply Shortage Santa Clara

H2 supply shortage hits N. California again, Air Products distribution trailer explodes

Fuel Cell Vehicle owners in Northern California are going through their second H2 Supply Shortage this year due to an explosion at a nearby...
AutoPilot adult video

I’d feel safe driving in the middle of Tesla owners on Autopilot, each shooting...

It's true, if, for some odd reason I'm surrounded by Tesla owners in their Model S, 3, X, and Y, I'd feel perfectly safe...
Elon Musk Ram

Why is Elon Musk’s profile picture on Twitter a very fluffy white ram?

If you're wondering why Elon Musk's profile picture is a white ram right now, read on. Earlier this week (Apr. 18,2019) Elon Musk surprised a...

Business mogul David Lee first to drive Qiantu K50 in the United States

Mullen USA threw the keys to their one-of-a-kind Quintu K50 electric supercar and let the man loose for the first official test drive on...
Electric drift Camaro

Formula D is about to see its first electric car compete, this EL1 Chevrolet...

Napoleon Motorsports and newly crowned Pro 2 Champion Travis Reeder will drift in the series' first electric car, an electric motor swapped EL1 Chevrolet...
Tesla model 3 drift

Someone brought out a Tesla Model 3 to a sideshow, best crowd reaction ever

A sideshow went down in Anaheim last night and someone brought out their Mom's Tesla Model 3 and showed SoCal just what these little...
eCopo Camaro drag

Gaze upon the first time all-electric eCopo Chevrolet Camaro blasts down a drag strip

This is the first time GM ran its all-electric eCopo Chevrolet Camaro down the quarter-mile and we've got the video to prove just how fast...
Hydrogen station Hayward

Hydrogen supply shortage for fuel cell vehicles hits Northern California

Northern California fuel cell vehicle lessees can't fill up their hydrogen cars like they normally do because of a supply shortage. It's mayhem for Fuel Cell...
Clarity Fuel Cell

Up to 1,000 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicles recalled for Fuel Cell Stack Degradation

It looks like early adopters of the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle are being hit with a recall for a repair that can take...

This Tesla Reddit thread aims to solve one-hour time difference for all Teslas in...

If you're wondering if one single Reddit thread can change an entire country and their Tesla owners, buckle up because we're about to find...
Nexo in California

Hyundai Nexo arrives in SoCal. Will another Hydrogen car strain H2 supplies further?

The Hyundai Nexo means Mirai and Clarity drivers will have to compete with Hyundai's at the pump. Today was another watershed moment for Hydrogen car...

1,000 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicles recalled: Total loss of motor power possible

This will be the second official recall Honda issued for the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle since its introduction. Honda hasn't officially announced it through...
Honda fluoride ion

Honda has a new battery chemistry, 10 times the energy density of lithium ion

Honda teamed up with NASA and Caltech to create a new battery chemistry that has a better energy density than lithium-ion. When it comes to...

Lotus readying $2.5M all-electric hypercar, a Tesla Roadster 2.0 slayer

Lotus is jumping from sports car to hypercar maker. Geely will have to dig deep with this project if it wants to make a statement...
Rivian R1S

Rivian R1S is a 7-seater electric SUV with 753 HP and 826 lb-ft

Rivian is the latest EV automaker to pop up as of late with a truck and SUV offering and this one looks to leverage...

Tesla cars could be delivered autonomously to your door, straight from the factory

You know those pesky destination charges car companies tag on the MSRP for cars making your car now close to $1,000 more expensive? Those...
VW's MEB Platform

Volkswagen ready to build sub $23,000 electric crossover to rival Tesla Model 3

If there's one thing Volkswagen knows how to do it's to build cars for the people, it's after all, in their name. Now, VW...
Toyota Mirai ad campaign

2019 Toyota Mirai Ad campaign boasts “Real Power”, enlists Angus Wall as director

I know you have your definition of what power is but I think Toyota knows what "Real Power" is. What IS "Real Power?" Toyota seems...
Horsham Supercharger

This might be the loneliest Tesla supercharger in the world

Usually, Tesla Superchargers come in long rows with multiple SCs all lined up, ready to accept Teslas. This isn't one of those charging stations. Contrary...
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