Monday, June 27, 2022

Tesla cars could be delivered autonomously to your door, straight from the factory

You know those pesky destination charges car companies tag on the MSRP for cars making your car now close to $1,000 more expensive? Those...
VW's MEB Platform

Volkswagen ready to build sub $23,000 electric crossover to rival Tesla Model 3

If there's one thing Volkswagen knows how to do it's to build cars for the people, it's after all, in their name. Now, VW...
Toyota Mirai ad campaign

2019 Toyota Mirai Ad campaign boasts “Real Power”, enlists Angus Wall as director

I know you have your definition of what power is but I think Toyota knows what "Real Power" is. What IS "Real Power?" Toyota seems...
Horsham Supercharger

This might be the loneliest Tesla supercharger in the world

Usually, Tesla Superchargers come in long rows with multiple SCs all lined up, ready to accept Teslas. This isn't one of those charging stations. Contrary...
Tesla Roadster

Tesla advocate earns himself 2 free Tesla Roadsters

Google around and you'll hear stories circulating about super referrers earning a Free car from Tesla from a Model S, X, and even the yet...
Faraday Future Go Fund Me

GoFundMe for fired Faraday Future employees almost halfway to its goal

Faraday Future had to fire, put on furlough, or severely cut the wages of its employees. In order to support themselves, a GoFundMe it...
Nikola Tre

2022 Nikola Tre is a 1,000 HP hydrogen semi with 750 miles range &...

The Salt Lake City based alternative energy truck maker has a new Hydrogen semi prototype with some impressive stats. If you're a Fortune 500 company and want...
Tesla truck

What is Elon Musk’s Cyberpunk Blade Runner Tesla truck supposed to look like?

In an off-the-cuff interview/podcast on Kara Swisher's Recode Decode, Elon Musk dropped a major hint on the direction his Tesla Pickup truck will look...
S Apex Tesla Model S

SEMA 2018: Tesla Model S-Apex P100D allows you to fit a 335 tire in...

Unplugged Performance, boutique performance parts maker for Teslas, just dropped its aero package for the Tesla Model S P100D. Tuning the electric motors in bog-standard...
testing solar hyundai

Hyundai is really developing solar roofs for electric cars and it’s about time

I always wondered why EV's don't have solar roofs and it looks like Hyundai is beating everyone to the punch. The Kia Stinger GT, the...
Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y production to start as soon as 2020

With the introduction of the Tesla Model Y, Tesla Motors will have a full lineup, from car to crossover. It's hard to believe that just...
Derelict Icon 600 EV

Tesla battery powered 1966 Fiat 600 Giardinetta EV is a restomod electrified done right

Any time Icon restores something, you know it'll be done right with that proverbial steeze (style with ease.) Until a few moments ago, I didn't even...
Electra Meccanica Solo

Electra Meccanica, home of the $16,000 three-wheeled EV, opens Studio City dealership

If you're looking for a fun, reliable, and inexpensive way to get around the streets of Los Angeles, it would behoove you to visit...
Dyson car

Dyson setting up electric car factory in Singapore and for good reason

Singapore is the site for James Dyson's revolutionary electric car that should start production by 2019 for a 2020 reveal. James Dyson is ramping up...
Ioniq motor

Confirmed: 2020 Hyundai Ioniq Electric gets more range, 215 miles on a single charge

The 2020 Hyundai Ioniq electric just might be the Tesla Model 3 killer that Tesla never saw coming. It's been on sale for over a year...
Nissan Leaf

Rumor: 2019 Nissan Leaf long range with 60 kWh battery priced at $34,499

It looks like every car manufacturer with an established EV sedan is gunning for that sub $35,000 price with at least 215 miles of...
Honda Tesla

Honda S2000 has a Tesla P100D motor good for 650HP and 10’s in the...

Somehow these brilliant mechanics managed to swap in the electric motors from a Tesla P100D into a Honda S2000. Normally I'd be upset that someone...
Ford StreetScooter

Ford building Transit-based electric delivery trucks for DHL, will U.S. co.’s take notice?

If you mail something to Germany, there's a good chance your package will travel on electric power alone to its destination thanks to Ford. Whether...
Faraday Future

Faraday Future’s future not looking so bright after a part of its $2 Billion...

Once on the brink of bankruptcy, Faraday Future might be a non-starter once again after an extra $1.2 billion fails to materialize. Earlier this year...
Clarity Lawndale

Late summer SoCal H2 shortage finally (unofficially) over, FCV owners satisfied for now

It looks like Air Products H2 production in the SoCal area finally got their act together, repaired what needed repairing, and is operating at...
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