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Tuesday, October 20, 2020
Taz Harvey Integra Type R

Serial #2: The second USDM Acura Integra Type R became a World Challenge Touring...

Did you know that the second USDM Acura Integra Type R ever to come from Honda's factory didn't live a luxurious life of hand...
Acura Long Beach GP

Breaking: Acura takes over as title sponsor for Grand Prix of Long Beach

Acura carries on where Toyota left off as official title sponsor of Indy Car's Grand Prix of Long Beach. Acura is expected to announce later...
24 Hours of Daytona Ford GT Castrol

2019 24 Hours Of Daytona: How to watch HD live streaming coverage

If you're looking for streaming for the 2019 24 Hours of Daytona here's a couple of options. The IMSA WeatherTech Sports Car Championship 57th Rolex...
Darci Knowles

Badass lady drag racer Darci Knowles just won the internet with this comment

Everyone just assumes drag racers are automatically guys but this Kansas City-based drag racer confidently let this random guy know that ladies are just...
Desert Meihan 2 photog

Don’t be this idiot drift photographer who snuck past a K-Rail at Desert Meihan...

It's been said that common sense isn't all that common and there's nowhere else this is more prevalent than the amateur photog scene in...
Foggy-Petronas FP1

Lanzante readying lot of previously lost Foggy-Petronas FP1 Road Bikes for sale

This lot of homologated road bikes embroiled in legalese from the early 2000s will see the light of day and will be presumably for...
Noah Gragson kiss

Here’s that video of Snowball Derby winner Noah Gragson getting denied a kiss

I've seen my fair share of kiss rejections thanks to YouTube and its endless amount of video suggestions but this, my friends, takes the...
Dai Yoshihara Spoon Sports

Dai Yoshihara is driving the Spoon Sports S2000 Endurance racer at Global Time Attack

If you want to catch a glimpse at a bonafide JDM Endurance racer built by Spoon Sports, you should definitely tune into their live broadcast. Blue...
Matt Haugen Skyline

This Yellow Nissan Skyline R34 will compete in Formula Drift

Bulletproof engines, killer handling, and a chassis to die for, thanks to the Chicken Tax, Nissan Skylines for drifting aren't a thing here, but that's...
SCG 007

Glickenhaus will build 50 supercars a year, confirms WEC hypercar entry for 2020

American boutique supercar maker Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus gets an early start to a big 2019 with a new factory and a WEC Hypercar entry. It...
Saleen S1

Saleen launching cup series for 2019 Saleen S1, GT4 S1 to follow

Saleen wants to boost the cachet of its Saleen S1 sports car by throwing a one-make series in China and the United States. The jury is...

Rumor: Honda bought Aston Martin Vanquish tooling, Honda S3000 for Super GT

This latest rumor from the Temple of VTEC combines several rumors into one awesome rumor that sees Honda building an S3000, a one-off successor...
Formula SAE TE's

This Japanese Student Formula Team proves that TE-37’s look good on everything

When you're in the motherland of all things JDM, you're going to use the very best that your country offers, and for wheels, that...
2008 Lexus IS-F Racing Concept

The 2008 Lexus IS-F widebody DTM Racing Concept is at the Nurburgring, new photos

If you're wondering where one of the rarest Lexus IS-F's is located it's surely this Racing Concept at its new home in the Nurburgring. When...
EKanoo 720S

EKanoo Racing’s mostly stock McLaren 720S runs 9.534 quarter-mile, R888 whine

Sure the McLaren 720S can run 9.7 seconds in the quarter-mile all day long but what happens if you throw on drag radials and...
McLaren coca cola

McLaren F1 partners with Coca-Cola, racing suits look more and more like NASCAR

McLaren F1 signed an exclusive partnership with Coca-Cola marking the first time in F1 history where this global drink brand's iconic image is advertised...
Virgin racing

Here’s the sound difference between the 2014 and 2019 Formula E car

One of the biggest complaints Formula E fans have about the electric race series is that the cars don't make any noise, which is...
reverse entry drift

Charles Kaki Ng drops masterclass on what a reverse entry drift SHOULD look like

If there's another video that should be canon on what a reverse drift SHOULD look like, it's Charles Kaki Ng providing is with a...

Acura has a new NSX GT3 EVO for 2019 and it’s meaner and faster...

Acura updated its NSX GT3 for 2019 which should see teams utilizing this new platform absolutely dominating thanks to growing pains out of the...
Rally Driver poop Wales

Caught on video: French Rally driver uses friendly Welsh house to poop mid-race

When you've got to go, you've got to go and instead of sullying the beautiful Wales countryside, this French driver opted to do the civil...