Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Rumor: Honda bought Aston Martin Vanquish tooling, Honda S3000 for Super GT

This latest rumor from the Temple of VTEC combines several rumors into one awesome rumor that sees Honda building an S3000, a one-off successor...
Formula SAE TE's

This Japanese Student Formula Team proves that TE-37’s look good on everything

When you're in the motherland of all things JDM, you're going to use the very best that your country offers, and for wheels, that...
2008 Lexus IS-F Racing Concept

The 2008 Lexus IS-F widebody DTM Racing Concept is at the Nurburgring, new photos

If you're wondering where one of the rarest Lexus IS-F's is located it's surely this Racing Concept at its new home in the Nurburgring. When...
EKanoo 720S

EKanoo Racing’s mostly stock McLaren 720S runs 9.534 quarter-mile, R888 whine

Sure the McLaren 720S can run 9.7 seconds in the quarter-mile all day long but what happens if you throw on drag radials and...
McLaren coca cola

McLaren F1 partners with Coca-Cola, racing suits look more and more like NASCAR

McLaren F1 signed an exclusive partnership with Coca-Cola marking the first time in F1 history where this global drink brand's iconic image is advertised...
Virgin racing

Here’s the sound difference between the 2014 and 2019 Formula E car

One of the biggest complaints Formula E fans have about the electric race series is that the cars don't make any noise, which is...
reverse entry drift

Charles Kaki Ng drops masterclass on what a reverse entry drift SHOULD look like

If there's another video that should be canon on what a reverse drift SHOULD look like, it's Charles Kaki Ng providing is with a...

Acura has a new NSX GT3 EVO for 2019 and it’s meaner and faster...

Acura updated its NSX GT3 for 2019 which should see teams utilizing this new platform absolutely dominating thanks to growing pains out of the...
Rally Driver poop Wales

Caught on video: French Rally driver uses friendly Welsh house to poop mid-race

When you've got to go, you've got to go and instead of sullying the beautiful Wales countryside, this French driver opted to do the civil...

Airblastr raises the bar, Corvette Canyon drift is the best drone drift video to...

If you're looking for the gold standard for what a drift video shot by a drone could look like, look no further. When drones with video...
Virtual Reality

How VR is Being Used in Racing Training?

While Virtual Reality (VR) is most closely associated with the gaming world, it is increasingly being used in different industries ranging from healthcare to...

Watch RealTime Racing’s founder plow a sign in a record breaking Acura TLX GT

RealTime Racing's founder Peter Cunningham is still racing up to the ragged edge and this sign-eating Acura TLX GT is proof enough. Although hill climb...
Mid-engined Corvette

Spy shots and exhaust notes from GM’s mid-engined Corvette gone turbo V8

The Mid-engined Corvette C8.R was spotted hotlapping Road America and these guys got exclusive photos and audio from GM's "secret" testing. The American supercar class...
Supra Super GT

Rumor Alert: Toyota Supra returning to Super GT in 2020

This Japanese publication thinks the Toyota Supra is finally returning to Super GT racing in 2020. It's inevitable if you think about it. According to...
Marco Mapelli

Marco Mapelli was the driver in the Nurburgring Record beating Aventador SVJ

Lamborghini announced they've taken the Ring record from Porsche thanks to a cracker of a car and a racing master in Lamborghini factory driver...
Glickenhaus 007

Glickenhaus is single handedly going to win Le Mans for America with LMP1 Prototype

Jim Glickenhaus is commissioning an LMP1 prototype that will win Le Mans for America given he can sell 25 road going versions. It's been close...
Kimi Seb Shanghai circuit lap record

Here’s Vettel and Raikkonen’s record breaking pole lap side by side at the Chinese...

Both Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel broke Michael Schumacher's 2004 Shanghai International Circuit lap record back to back. Here's the side by side. Ferrari just...
Papadakis engine swap

Papadakis Racing swaps engines in the pits for Formula Drift practice

At first, this Instagrammer thought Papadakis Racing was having engine troubles before Round 1 of Formula Drift but he could be farther from the...
Daigo Saito wreck Corvette

Watch Daigo Saito wreck his drift Corvette and announce it fails tech anyways

Shigero Saito aka Daigo Saito aka Diego Saito just wrecked his beautiful drift C6 Corvette ripping a mean one but that's not the best...
Nissan Leaf Drifting

Is this Nissan Leaf the first EV competition drift car?

Japan meet organizer Hyper Meeting dropped some images and information on what'll ultimately be an exhibition run of a Nissan Leaf competition car. But...
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