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Tesla Model S

Tesla’s stock jumps more than 20 points after quarter report

Tesla's stock finished trading at an all-time high of 298.52 after Musk announced Tesla delivered 25,000 units in quarter one. If you happened to buy...
Tesla Fremont

Tesla Delivers More Than 25,000 Vehicles For Quarter 1 In 2017

Tesla reported strong production numbers for the first three months of 2017 delivering more than 25,000 cars and SUV's. Analysts forecasted that Tesla would produce somewhere...

Tesla Model X Owner Says Autopilot Caused His Crash

The latest crash involving a Tesla Model X illustrates, once again, how those who use autopilot must be more vigilant than ever. If there's one...

Swedish Bus Ad Pokes Fun At Self-Driving Cars In The Best Way Possible

Swedish public transportation company Vasttrafik takes all the talking points on the benefits of self-driving cars and points out the elephant in the room. Self-driving...
Tesla Model 3

Rumor: Tesla Model Y Details Coming Next Week

Elon Musk has confirmed to a third party that details on Tesla's fourth model will be coming next week. It's long been known among Tesla's...