Saturday, August 6, 2022

How to make over $100,000 a year in profit renting cars on Turo

Want to make serious money renting cars on Turo? Here's how many cars you'll need and what to expect. Turo, aka the Airbnb of...
An idle hour counter on a Ford Crown Victoria

What are idle hours and how many idle hours is too much when buying...

Here's everything you need to know about idle hours and how much is too many. With the used car market in influx to say...
Honda and Acura's Auto Start Stop button

How Honda and Acura owners permanently disable Auto Start Stop

While Auto Idle Stop is supposed to save gas, some Honda and Acura owners find the annoyance of how it operates outweighs the savings...
A Prius Prime shifter

How often do you need to change the automatic transmission fluid in a Prius?

Some owners say never, and they're not wrong! Here's why. If you buy and own a Toyota Prius, if you're a good owner, invariably, you're...

Can I charge an electric car like a Tesla with those 120-volt 400 watt...

This blog post generally applies to any car with a 12-volt outlet and if you can use it to charge an electric car in...
from drivers seat view of modern car on intersection

Does flashing your headlights at traffic signals make them turn from red to green?

Here's why that urban myth probably doesn't work and two legal ways to circumvent red lights altogether. Imagine you're travelling down a two-mile road in...
A Costco gas station in Merced, California

What is the price of Costco gas today?

How to quickly find out the official price of gas at Costco online in three easy steps. Everyone knows Costco consistently has the cheapest...
Various credit cards in front of a gas pump

Credit cards with the best cash back rewards for gas purchases

I asked some of my most successful friends what the best credit cards for gas are and these are their recommendations. When it comes to...
A bottle of Turtle Wax's Zip Wax Car Wash & Wax soap

Does Turtle Wax’s Zip Wax Car Wash & Wax actually have wax in it?

Here's proof showing if that giant bottle of soap actually has wax in it or not. Strolling down the car care section at WalMart for...
A Boycott Groomers decal on the back of a window made by Bring Ammo

What’s the deal with those ‘Boycott Groomers’ decals that look like a Disney logo?

If you're confused why a Disney logo and font spells out Boycott Groomers, here's why. Chances are you found this blog post after driving behind...
A close-up of the tire-mounted toilet seat from

Where can I buy that portable tire-mounted toilet seat?

You can buy just one or 100 portable toilet seats. Earlier this morning, I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw a good friend share...
GR Corolla engine block

Why does the GR Corolla have a three-cylinder engine?

You can trace Toyota's decision back to what Toyota's CEO said. By now, you've probably heard about Toyota's powerful new hot-hatch, the GR Corolla. But,...
Someone plugging in the charging cord into a Blazer SS EV

How long does it take to charge a Chevrolet Blazer EV using a regular...

This is probably how long it takes to charge your electric Chevrolet Blazer with a regular wall outlet. Although Chevrolet only teased the upcoming Blazer...
2024 Silverado EV WT

Will a Chevrolet Silverado EV fit in my garage?

Before you buy one, you should probably measure how long your garage is. There's a general misconception that, since Electric vehicles have large battery...
Part of a tire label for a Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel max tire

Do Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max tires actually help you save gas?

Goodyear took its regular Assurance Fuel Max and optimized it for crossovers and SUVs. website: With gas prices reaching ever increasing highs, drivers are looking...
A packet of B-Eco fuel tablets in front of a 2022 Honda Civic Hatchback fuel gauge

Do B-Eco fuel tabs actually work?

B-Eco claims its fuel tab is a revolutionary fuel catalyst proven to reduce fuel consumption. Company Website: A new gas saver pill that hit the...
A closeup of the logo on a Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus

Can Bridgestone Ecopia tires improve your car’s MPG and help you save gas?

Yes, Bridgestone Ecopia Tires are engineered for fuel efficiency, but does that mean less money spent overall? As gas prices hit 2008 Recession-level highs...
Lucas Oil Fuel Treatment held in front of a Toyota RAV-4

Does Lucas Oil Fuel Treatment increase MPG helping you save gas?

Formulated for both gas and diesel engines, the yellow sticker on the bottle says “Fuel Saver. Increases MPG.” Featured Photo Credit: Courtesy of "The GasMan"...
A 2010 Honda Civic Engine with a close-up of a magnetic fuel saver

Do those clip-on magnetic fuel savers actually work and help you save gas?

Using the properties of magnets, these clip-on devices claim they arrange chaotic gasoline molecules for a more efficient fuel combustion. As gas prices hit...
A 12-volt neosocket fuel shark-like device from

Do those Neosocket Fuel Shark Gas Saver devices you plug into your 12 volt...

Purchasers and journalists who investigated similar products mostly all arrived at the same conclusion. What's old is new again and, as gas prices reach...
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