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Daigo Saito wreck Corvette

Watch Daigo Saito wreck his drift Corvette and announce it fails tech anyways

Shigero Saito aka Daigo Saito aka Diego Saito just wrecked his beautiful drift C6 Corvette ripping a mean one but that's not the best...
Nissan Leaf Drifting

Is this Nissan Leaf the first EV competition drift car?

Japan meet organizer Hyper Meeting dropped some images and information on what'll ultimately be an exhibition run of a Nissan Leaf competition car. But...
drift Civic

Here’s a FWD Honda Civic Type R drifting better than you ever will

Sorry but not sorry, this Honda Civic Type R drifts better than you ever will in your entire lifetime. Yes, it's front-wheel drive but...

Formula Drift allegedly being sold to NASCAR

In this latest rumor making its way around the internet, it looks like the 14-year-old motorsport known for going sideways more than going fast, might...
Irwindale Speedway

Irwindale Speedway to stay open allegedly for five more years

"The House of Drift" will be open for business at least until 2023. Update: Official announcement posted. It looks like the developers who decided Irwindale Speedway...
Matt Field E36

Watch Formula Drift Driver Matt Field grip the heck out of Laguna Seca in...

Formula Drift driver Matt Field took some time to head out to Laguna Seca for a bit of grip driving in his beater BMW...

This photog got a face full of spoiler because clipping point is life

At unfortunate photographer learned a valuable lesson not to stand too close to a clipping point at a drift event. Photo Credits and permission compliments...
599 drift

Federico Sceriffo might be bringing a Ferrari 559 to Formula Drift

Italian drifter Federico Sceriffo is rumored to have his drift Ferrari 559 ready for one or two rounds of Formula Drift. If you've never heard...
Matt Coffman S13

Formula Drift Long Beach 2017 Qualifying Results: 30 Cars Means Most Move On

Day 1 of Formula Drift Round 1 Long Beach is now complete and everyone who managed to get in at least one qualifying run moves...
Drift Supra

Dan Burkett’s Supra Drifting On The Streets Of Long Beach Is An Instant Crowd...

Newly minted Pro driver Dan Burkett had the opportunity to shred some tires in preparation for Round 1 of Formula Drift at Long Beach. If...
Corolla iM

Fredric Aasbo To Pilot Toyota Corolla iM For 2017 Formula Drift Season

Fredric Aasbo announced that he will be piloting a 2017 Toyota Corolla iM for his 2017 Formula Drift season. Fredric Aasbo and Papadakis racing continue...
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