Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Honda boss right in saying new S2000 needs to make sense saleswise

Honda faithful and S200 enthusiasts the world over are excited to hear that Honda's boss, Takahiro Hachigo, is still open to the possibility of...
99 Eclipse

Top 10 most unreliable Japanese cars according to Reddit /r/cars

Japanese cars are synonymous with being both a value buy and reliable as the rising of the sun (see what I did there?) When...

This $1 hack might prevent a thief from stealing your truck’s tailgate

While cars and trucks have gotten harder to steal over the years, that hasn't prevented thieves from figuring out different ways to profit off...
Fence post caps center caps

You can use $1 fence post caps to replace your lost wheel center caps

Did you buy wheels off of Craigslist and they didn't come with center caps? Or do you own an expensive set of JDM wheels...
Honda S2000

The S in Honda S2000 Stands for Sports thanks to the S360

June 5 marks the 55th anniversary of the Honda S360, Honda's first sports car. A cursory glance at the Honda S360, S500, S600, S800, and...
Model 3

Tesla reminds you that you shouldn’t trade in your Model S for a Model...

In response to a couple of inquiries from prospective buyers Tesla put out a blog posting explaining how you probably shouldn't trade in your...

Dodge Challenger Hellcat owner arrested for going 158 MPH in a 70

This Dodge Challenger Hellcat owner was absolutely cooking it at 158 MPH when he slowed down to get pulled over. When you know you're speeding...
Honda Civic

Why This Power Of Dreams Video Captures What Honda Ownership Is All About

Honda released the second installment of its "Power Of Dreams Theater" and it absolutely nails what Honda ownership is all about. Most of the visual...
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