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1992 Honda Accord for sale still looks factory fresh after 430,000 miles

Priced to sell at $1,500 and looking factory fresh, you won't believe how many miles this 1992 Honda Accord racked up. Sparkling white paint,...
Toyota Camry funny old people crash tree

Thousand Oaks Grandma crashes Toyota Camry, Grandkid posts hilarious for sale ad

Grandma crashing her bulletproof Toyota Camry isn't the funny part, it's actually sort of sad, it's the Grandkid's Craigslist ad that'll have you in...
K&N House HVAC filters

K&N now makes HVAC panel filters for your house, also reusable

It's true, the same guys that make drop-in and lifetime air filters for your Honda Civic now make filters you can put in your...
$150,000 S2000 Rudolph Honda

At $150,000, is this 2009 Honda S2000 CR at a Texas dealership overpriced?

There's a delusional dealership in Texas that thinks someone will buy this S2000 for $150,000. Golden era JDM and honest-to-goodness Honda's are fetching a pretty...
Cheapest second gen NSX

At $87500, is this 2017 Acura NSX the cheapest one on the market?

If you want the 573 HP fire-breathing NSX, you previously had to shell out six figures. Now, used ones are under $100K and this...
Wrecked Chaser Japanese Auction

You can bid on this totally wrecked Toyota Chaser starting at $460, no big...

Do you want to own a JDM Toyota Chaser for under a grand? Now's your chance. A bit of bodywork is probably in order...
Maryland edition Civic

Would you pay $33,000 for this 2018 Honda Civic Hatchback Maryland Edition?

Yes, this Maryland edition Honda Civic is real and it may or may not still be for sale. You've heard of the Ford Mustang California...
First Insurance Auction Demon

First SRT Demon to make insurance auction appearance burnt to a crisp, parts only

This might be the first Dodge Challenger SRT Demon to show up on an insurance auction, unfortunately, you can't drive away with this one. If...
Saleen XP8

1998 Saleen XP8 Supercharged Explorer really just sold for $6,000

This mint 1998 Saleen XP8, one of Saleen's Explorer-based gems turned up to 11 thanks to forced induction, really sold for peanuts on Facebook. It...
Boschert B300

This 1989 Boschert B300 Gullwing is Radwood Royalty, yours for $1.1 Million

Gullwing doors, a 160 MPH top speed, twin turbos and one-of-one exclusivity, this Boschert B300 is potential Radwood Royalty if you have deep enough pockets. I'm a...
Fake Taxi eBay

(Update) The actual London taxi cab used in “Fake Taxi” up for sale on...

This real deal London Taxi that, at one point, probably saw some real work before being used by pornography website Fake Taxi, is for...
DX Hatch auction

Modded 1996 Honda Civic DX Hatch manages to fetch $14,000 at auction

It's common knowledge that modded cars sell for less at auction but this Civic hatch is bucking the trend. You'd think that a swapped Civic...
C111 Rotary

Mercedes-Benz C111 Wankel rotor and housing on eBay for $13,600

Talk about rare parts finds, someone in Germany is selling one Wankel Rotor and Housing for a Mercedes-Benz C111 experimental automobile. How this German eBay...
record fox body

World’s most expensive Fox body: 1993 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R sells for $132,000

This Fox body Mustang takes the honors for setting an unofficial auction record for Fox body's. If you want definitive proof that the era of...
Spoon NSX

Spoon Sports 2002 Acura NSX turbocharged to 550 HP sold for $172,000

This one-off Spoon Sports NSX racecar that actually raced finally sold at auction for a bonkers $172,000. Spoon Sports is literally the best aftermarket parts...
Dodge Demon UK

Demon gone Brit: One UK resident can buy Dodge Challenger SRT Demon for $178K

If you want quite possibly one of the most powerful muscle cars built in the modern era in the UK, now might be your...
Snap-on socks

Snap-on makes socks and mechanics are selling them on eBay

Snap-on. seller of some of the most expensive tools known to man (but also very good tools) makes socks and non-mechanics can only buy them...
Hemi Cuda factory fluids

This 1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda owner wants $1.2 Million, still has “factory fluids”

Would you spend $1.2 Million on a classic Plymouth Barracuda muscle car even when the owner lists that this car has "factory fluids" still...
WRX Sti Convertible

This Subaru WRX STI Convertible is real

How do you improve on, up until that point, two decades of rally winning history and AWD excellence? By making one into a convertible...
Integra Type R shell

Here’s why just a stripped Acura Integra shell sold for $3,000

What would you pay for a car with no engine, transmission, interior, seats, or electronics, just the shell? Surely, not $3,000 as this auction...
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