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Acura NSX

This 2017 Acura NSX can be yours for less than $75,000

A California resident managed to wreck this 2017 Acura NSX and the insurance company has already put it up for auction. What if I told...
Civic Si

Honda Will Reveal 2017 Honda Civic Si Coupe And Sedan On Youtube

Honda opts for the trendy reveal yet again by heading to Youtube to unveil its new 2017 Honda Civic Si Coupe and Sedan. Honda doesn't...
Tesla Model S

Tesla’s stock jumps more than 20 points after quarter report

Tesla's stock finished trading at an all-time high of 298.52 after Musk announced Tesla delivered 25,000 units in quarter one. If you happened to buy...
Tesla Fremont

Tesla Delivers More Than 25,000 Vehicles For Quarter 1 In 2017

Tesla reported strong production numbers for the first three months of 2017 delivering more than 25,000 cars and SUV's. Analysts forecasted that Tesla would produce somewhere...
Honda Civic

Why This Power Of Dreams Video Captures What Honda Ownership Is All About

Honda released the second installment of its "Power Of Dreams Theater" and it absolutely nails what Honda ownership is all about. Most of the visual...
Drink coaster

This Canadian Bar Uses Coasters Made Out Of Car Panels From Drunk Driver Wrecks

One Canadian bar is gaining some serious respect by doling out coasters made from car panels from drunk driver wrecks. If you didn't have a...
KIA Stinger

Official: 2018 KIA Stinger Hits 0-62 MPH In Just 4.9 Seconds

KIA announced its upcoming KIA Stinger will hit 62 MPH in just 4.9 seconds. It's official ladies and gentleman, the 2018 KIA Stinger will be the quickest...
Disabled parking

Justice Doled Out On Fellow Worker Taking Advantage Of Disabled Parking

This employee at this particular office building will likely never use disabled parking illegally again thanks to fellow workers teaming up to dole out...

LaFerrari Scheduled To Be Crushed In South Africa Because Of Hairbrained Plot

 One of 500 LaFerrari's is definitely scheduled to be crushed into a cube because the owner couldn't fork over the proper taxes. If the South...

Spied: Jaguar F-Pace SVR And Range Rover Sport SVR Spotted In Colorado

A keen eyed car fan spotted both the Jaguar F-Pace SVR and Range Rover Sport SVR in the high elevation of Colorado. If you want...

Updated VW’s With New Emission Fix Resulting In Less Power And MPG

The repercussions from VW's Dieselgate have just begun and the first round of ECU reflashes to align engines with emissions standards are resulting in...

Tesla Model X Owner Says Autopilot Caused His Crash

The latest crash involving a Tesla Model X illustrates, once again, how those who use autopilot must be more vigilant than ever. If there's one...
Acura TLX

Refreshed: 2018 Acura TLX Now Sports New Front End

Acura has decided to wet everyone's appetites for its flagship sedan by dropping a teaser image of the 2018 Acura TLX's new front end. The...
Tesla Model 3

Rumor: Tesla Model Y Details Coming Next Week

Elon Musk has confirmed to a third party that details on Tesla's fourth model will be coming next week. It's long been known among Tesla's...
Ford GT

New Ford GT Has Five Drive Modes With One Specifically For A Blast To...

Ford announced that they're equipping their new Ford GT with five driving modes, a mode for every occasion. If you are lucky enough to be...
KIA Stinger

Rumor: KIA Stinger Will Cost Less Than $27,000

The latest rumor-mill has priced the BMW 3-series fighter from KIA, the Stinger, to be around $27,000 for the base price model. When the KIA...
Bugatti Bike

This $39,000 PG Bike Is Probably The Only Bugatti You Can Actually Afford

Bugatti has partnered with PG Bikes of Germany to bring you a $39,000 bike meant to evoke the spirit of the Bugatti Chiron. If you've...
Legacy plates

Legacy Plates: Black California License Plates Making Revival For Good Reason

California's DMV has seen a spike in the popularity of Black Legacy Plates and all for good reason. Stroll down the parking lot of any...

Self-Driving UBER Volvo XC90 Involved In Tempe Crash

A Volvo XC90 driving in autonomous mode was involved in a crash in Tempe, AZ. Photo Credit: FRESCO NEWS / Mark Beach An UBER XC90 equipped and...
Trump MACK truck

Donald Trump Climbs Into MACK Truck And Proceeds To Toot Horn

Representatives of the American Trucking industry visited the White House earlier yesterday and it looks like Donald Trump had himself a ball with the Mack...
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