Thursday, February 15, 2024
RX8 Rotary

Mazda Hints That Rotary Engine Will Make A Comeback But Not Like You Imagine

The 2017 Spring Issue of ZoomZoom magazine makes a couple of hints at a rotary revival to celebrate 50 years of rotary technology. Anniversaries of...

Hype Alert: Craigslist Reseller Lists His 2017 Honda Civic Type R Spot For $85,000

A Craigslist ad appeared earlier today listing an opportunity to buy a 2017 Honda Civic Type R from a private party for $85,000. Since Honda released most...
Dodge Demon

For $325 You Can Maybe Drag Race A Dodge Demon 19 Months From Now

An Indiegogo campaign claims that for $325 you can possibly drive a Dodge Demon down a dragstrip by December 2018. Dubbed the Dodge Demon Experience,...

Breaking: Takata Filing For Bankruptcy Operations To Be Bought by Key Safety Systems

Trading suspended for shares of Takata after report claims Takata is filing for bankruptcy protection. -Takata reportedly will be sold to Key Safety Systems for $1.8B The...
Civic Type R

Nurburgring FWD Record Smashed: 2017 Honda Civic Type R Is Your Ring King

Honda announced that their 2017 Honda Civic Type R took the has once again retook the FWD Nurburgring record. Two years ago the FK2 Honda Civic...
F1 Interior

McLaren open to the idea of a 2+2 GT but only if the market...

AutoExpress was bold enough to ask McLaren if a four-seater was in the mix and McLaren replied with a big, "Maybe." When you've got McLaren's...
Civic Si

2017 Honda Civic Si: Lower redline lighter weight and colors leaked

A Honda sales training document has unveiled a couple of important details on the 2017 Honda Civic Si.  Although Honda already formally introduced the 2017...
Civic Type R

Unofficial Driving Impressions: 2017 Honda Civic Type R in California

When your brother is a Product Technical Specialist for Honda US, you get to bring home some pretty cool toys.  NOTE: These driving impressions are...

Spy shots: 2018 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 sports huge spoiler and trick aero

The newest spy shots taken of the 2018 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 show emphasis on aero with hints at a big supercharger underneath the hood. We're...
Honda Civic Type R

2017 Honda Civic Type R: Sales bro offering up CTR with zero markup over...

It's hard enough getting any information on when the Civic Type R will be for sale but this Honda sales rep says "DM me...

Spied: 10th Gen Honda Accord with Civic styling cues draws undue criticism

Spy shots of the 10th gen Honda Accord have surfaced and early critics are of course lamenting its looks.  We've already seen a couple of spy...

Fittipaldi’s EF7 GTR is headed to your nearest Cars and Coffee event

Emerson's Fittipaldi EF7 GTR has been given the green light and a little over a dozen will find homes in the United States. Living Brazilian...
Mugen Atom

1 of 10 Ariel Atom Mugen Edition’s with 270 HP pops up for sale

An extremely rare Mugen Edition Ariel Atom is for sale for the bargain price of just under $60,000. Since 2003, with the introduction of the...
Peisert Design

Peisert Design: Tesla Model S rendered on Toyota’s FT1 is roadster 2.0

Peisert design unveils exclusive rendering job turning the Tesla Model S design language and slapping it onto Toyota's Ft1 roadster. Elon Musk is busy enough...
Lincoln Motor Co.

Lincoln says 10 percent growth in U.S. due to stellar customer service experience

Detroit News took some time to investigate why Lincoln Motors is doing so well as of late in the United States and Lincoln credits...
pursuit hybrid

Why Ford’s pursuit-rated hybrid patrol car actually makes a lot of sense

Ford announced that they're offering their 2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid as an alternative patrol car for good reason. It seems like Ford is fighting hard...
Dodge Demon

Leaked: This is the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon way before you’re supposed to...

A Spanish automotive website said, "¡Lo que sea!" and published the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon photo before you're supposed to see it. Dodge has spent...
Model 3

Tesla reminds you that you shouldn’t trade in your Model S for a Model...

In response to a couple of inquiries from prospective buyers Tesla put out a blog posting explaining how you probably shouldn't trade in your...

Mazda offering unprecedented discounts on remaining stock of Miatas

If you were thinking about buying a Mazda Miata anytime soon now might be a good time to pull the trigger. It's rare for Mazda...

Dodge Challenger Hellcat owner arrested for going 158 MPH in a 70

This Dodge Challenger Hellcat owner was absolutely cooking it at 158 MPH when he slowed down to get pulled over. When you know you're speeding...
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