Thursday, February 15, 2024
petition HOV decal

Petition for Jerry Brown to extend HOV lane access for older EVs gains traction

On the stroke of midnight on January 1, close to 220,000 cars will lose their HOV lane access and will merge with normal traffic. It's...
cat print plates

This Japanese Prefecture uses cat prints on their license plates

If you live in Japan, are a cat lover, and have a scooter that's 50 cc's or less, boy, do I have the license...
Oakland Sideshow

Oakland sideshow mayhem: Car attacks crowd, crowd attacks car, 85 cars impounded

Here's another case of "car meet" drama in California, but this time it's in NorCal. If Southern California has unmanageable mega meets, Northern California has...

Up to $800,000 of tax payer money earmarked for California DMV audit

Bad press, long wait times, complaints from customers, and inefficiencies behind closed doors, it looks like Jerry Brown has had enough with California's DMV. In...
malaysia chip parking spot

It’s illegal to stand in a parking spot in Malaysia, subject to $485 fine

Malaysia passed a countrywide law where it is illegal to save a parking spot by standing in it. Nothing frustrates me more on the internet...
Japan McDonalds

Japan’s elderly drivers can turn in their driver’s license for $1 discount on McDonalds

How do you reduce the number of elderly drivers on the road without outright taking their license away? By bribing them with McDonalds, of...

Breaking: West Covina Police investigating assault on security guards at Paul Walker meet

West Covina Police are looking for as many people as possible connected with the beating of two security guards at the recent Paul Walker...
Volt Charging

Green and white clean air vehicle decals void means 220,000 more cars in regular...

Green and white decals issued to electric vehicles will be void on Jan 1, 2019. If you have a white or green clean air vehicle...
Ferrari typhoon Jebi

Typhoon Jebi wrecked dozens of Ferraris

Pour one out later tonight for (53) Ferrari's who lost their lives during Typhoon Jebi, my Ferrari fans. It's tough to get Italian exotics in Japan...
Merced Valero

Extreme meter creep at Merced Valero gas station causes panic

No one likes to see their money disappear into thin air so when this Merced resident saw this gas pump "stealing" his money, he...
Miramichi Speedway

You can own this paved short track in Canada for $191,000

For the price of a cheap McMansion in Wiscansin, you can buy yourself an entire racetrack for you and your friends. It's called Speedway Miramichi...
Lincoln Futura

Lincoln Futura Replica spotted casually parked in Temecula, California

Even by California car spotting standards, this one's pretty rare. You come across some rare cars if you stroll around Southern California long enough but...
Cessna i-580

Here’s dash cam footage of a Cessna landing on a California freeway

This California family got the shock of their life when they saw this Cessna land right in front of their car. Call it a mix...
police line

California road rage turns homicidal as two men fought to the death

A simple car crash turned into tragedy for both drivers. You'd think that an early Sunday morning accident in a traffic-free part of the freeway...
SF Cars and Coffee

San Francisco Cars and Coffee canceled indefinitely

For the first time in the show's four year history, all future Cars and Coffee San Francisco events are canceled indefinitely. In a decision indicative...

Seattle police can legally fine you $136 if they hear your stock exhaust

Seattle Police are actively enforcing an amendment to a city sound ordinance that gives them the power to fine practically anyone driving with a...
Unmaked Dodge Charger

This Beverly Hills Police unmarked Dodge Charger is a speeders worst nightmare

It's big, black, and ready to tear you a new one. If you're thinking about speeding in Beverley Hills, Calif, you'd better think twice and...
Worst bus stop

This old computer chair is a temporary bus stop in Chula Vista

For one brief and shining moment in San Diego, this old computer chair was a bus stop. No one's really sure who put the computer...
fire scooter

Instagram account dedicated to destroying electric scooters is the best worst thing ever

Some people fed up with electric scooters are destroying them in creative ways. This Instagram account is for them. Bird and lime scooters. Some people...

Beverly Hills bans scooters, Alex Choi fan meetup was last straw

Leave it to an Instagram Fan meetup to be the straw that broke the camel's back because all electric scooters are banned in Beverly...
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