Charlotte Ambulance

Video: Man jumps into Southeast Charlotte ambulance, drives into half a dozen cars

Emergency crews were tending to a man in the back of this ambulance until someone jumped into the driver's seat, drove off, and managed...
Tiller strafing

KY Tiller Fire Truck strafing across three Watterson Expressway lanes confuses drivers

Tiller fire trucks need extra space on freeways and this Kentucky fire crew near Louisville was sure to let motorists know that, strafing across...
Horse pileup California

Grapevine pileup leaves one horse dead, trainer urges drivers to be mindful of trailers

This horse trainer reminds all drivers to be especially careful around horse trailers after pileup leaves one horse dead. According to CBS Local News earlier this...
CHP helicopter trailers

Watch CHP land their helicopter between semi-trailers to assist in an arrest

California police really landed their CHP helicopter smack dab in-between Amazon delivery trailers to assist in a takedown and arrest. Yesterday (Mar. 26. 2019) CHP's...
Archbold School Bus

Harrowing moment a semi-truck slams into Archbold school bus in Stryker, Ohio

This semi-truck rear-ending an Archbold school bus is a timely reminder for parents to remind their kids about safety when entering and exiting a school...
California Prius Jerk

Unhinged Prius driver near Mulholland Drive allegedly stops and slows to a crawl

This holier-than-thou Toyota Prius driver filmed allegedly stopping and slowing to a snail's pace on a beautiful Sunday drive is why we give a...
Clipper Card Ring

Bay Area commuter turns Clipper Card into wearable ring that really works

If you like the convenience of a Clipper Card but would rather have something more fashionable to whip out when paying for your fare,...
SF Billboard

Ford ad for an ’89 Ford Thunderbird SC appears for the last time on...

In 1989, Motor Trend awarded the Ford Thunderbird SC its prestigious COTY (or car of the year) award and this is why it makes...
Arlen Ness

American Motorcycle entrepreneur Arlen Ness passes away at 79

Arlen Ness, known for his hard work ethic, creative designs, and an originality that could not be copied, leaves behind big shoes that will...
SoCal Super Bloom

Top 10 places to see the Super Bloom near SoCal that’s not Walker Canyon

Now that the City of Lake Elsinore is charging people $10 a shuttle ride to see nature, here are alternatives places you can go...
Western Towing

Western Towing caught on camera allegedly dumping garbage on private property

This San Diego based towing company was allegedly caught on camera dumping large amounts of garbage on the ground in the middle of a...
10 freeway dog

Dog on the 10 San Bernardino freeway near Ontario causes traffic, jukes, avoids rescue

Video gone viral. This small and stubborn dog caused so much traffic and headache for California drivers on the 10 San Bernardino Freeway. Update- As...

“Grace period” over: California police ticket 300 cars with temporary dealer or no plates

California police in Beverly Hills went on a ticketing spree, pulling over 300 cars for not adhering to new State license plate laws (AB-516) Beverly...
Mule Chula Vista

Someone really parked their mule at this Chula Vista Target

This Chula Vista resident spotted a real-deal pack animal parked and chilling, waiting for its owner at the local Target. Nothing really prepares you to...
sylmar bicycle cops

Sneak level 100: L.A. bicycle cops in Sylmar pull over drivers on their cell...

Los Angeles police in the San Fernando Valley are leveling up their tactics catching drivers using cell phones, they're sneaking up on unsuspecting violators on...
Nebraska Potholes

Viral pothole video from Omaha Nebraska shows how wrecked local roads got

Constant freezing and thawing of this local road in Omaha, Nebraska did quite a number in revealing how many potholes lurk underneath. There's little local...
Stockton man fails to light diesel with lighter

Stockton Idiot fails at arson & arrested, attempts to light diesel on neighbor’s porch

This grade A idiot apparently failed his High School chemistry class because he'd know about the flashpoints of gas and diesel being two entirely different...
Nissan Altima fire hydrant

Anaheim Fire is having none of this Nissan blocking a hydrant, breaks its windows

If the $80 fine and additional fees are not enough disincentive not to park in front of a fire hydrant than maybe this will. Parking...

Bay Area Redditor targeted by unmarked SUV allegedly driven by local fire fighter

This Bay Area Redditor got the shock of her life when she was pulled over by an unmarked SUV, given a proper dressing down,...
Italian police escorting

Internet comes to defense of unorthodox escorting technique of Italian police

The greater Internet and Italian Netizens came to the defense of their local Italian police and one particular unit's wild escorting technique. Earlier yesterday (Feb....
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