Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Georgia BMW races James May

Here’s the amazing story of how a modded E46 owner raced James May in...

This BMW E46 car enthusiast with a heavily modified coupe for drifting got a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the cast of the...

Using on-ramp as passing lane lands Youtuber Zwing in jail plus $4,000 in fines

Washington police don't mess around. Using an on-ramp illegally lands this Youtuber a whole week in a County Jail. If you follow @Zwing on social...
2020 Toyota Supra

Why are people mad and upset at the new 2020 Toyota Supra?

The new Toyota Supra is here, people are mad at it, and here's why. It's been 17 years since Toyota made a Supra. It's true,...
Jojo Siwa

Justin Bieber tells Jojo Siwa to burn her new BMW Convertible

Jojo Siwa shared her new 4-series convertible on Instagram and Justin Bieber himself popped up with quite a rude comment. JoJo Siwa just turned 16...
BMW dipstick

BMW reportedly bringing back oil dipsticks

BMW unceremoniously and without warning took away our oil dipsticks in 2006. More than 10 years later, they're back? If you want to check the oil...
CHP BMW Helicopter canal

BMW underestimates the power of a shallow canal as a CHP helicopter gives “chase”

This BMW would've gotten away if it wasn't for a shallow canal with a bit of mossy water that stopped his escape. Stolen, evading arrest, or...
BMW 8-series hot weather testing

Rumor mill: 2019 BMW M8 competition packing 600 HP or more in the works

If you thought the bog-standard BMW M8 is already fast, wait till they unleash the M8 Competition. When BMW announced that they were bringing back...
laser headlights

NHTSA starting discussion on standardizing laser headlights 5 years after being petitioned

If you want a good example of just how slow regulatory agencies sometimes move, the standardization of laser headlights is one of them. It's hard...
BMW E92 destroyed

Watch these entitled brats detonate an E92 BMW M3’s engine doing a burnout

If you've ever felt slightly jealous at entitled youths with money to throw at sports cars, this video of a self-destructing BMW E92 M3...
S55 engine

2020 BMW M2 CS on the way possibly packing 425 HP+

The BMW M2, the purists BMW, is about to get even hotter with a M2 CS on the way, hotter than the M2 Competition. While arguably...
i8 convertible

2021 BMW i8 with 600 HP a possibility

BMW is without a proper supercar but with a superior and capable chassis in the BMW i8 sitting around with a measly 347 HP,...
BMW 3-series

2019 BMW 330i starts at $40,250, more power with 255 HP & 295 lb-ft,...

Although the price for a base BMW 330i remains exactly the same, the BMW 3-series has improved in almost every single way. Big news from...

Idiot YouTuber organizes commercial that leaves totaled E36 M3 and MKIV Supra

Everyone knows the best way to film a risky commercial is to shoot it on a public road, not closed off. The world now has...

BMW iNext photos leaked, the next great electric SUV with 400+ mile range

Photos surfaced online showing concept renderings of the BMW iNext electric SUV. Earlier last year car journalists caught wind of BMWs next vehicle in their...
BMW SUVs shipping

Hurricane Florence: BMW SUVs stuck at port, Mercedes and Volvo idle plants

A handful of luxury marquees who make vehicles on the East Coast idle'd their plants and stored their exports safely away. Hurricane Florence is already...
Vinfast SUV

VinFast ready to launch rebodied BMWs made in an old GM factory

Vietnam's first car company is ready to launch its car and SUV at the Paris Motor Show, but you've probably seen these cars in...
2019 Z4

2019 BMW Z4 debuts, hits 60 MPH in 4.4 seconds but automatic only

Overshadowed by its engine and chassis partner in crime, the Toyota Supra, the 2019 BMW Z4 debuted at Monterey Car Week. It's been exactly one year...
Tesla Model 3

This Tesla Model 3 eats BMW M3s for breakfast

These crazy Canadians are already unlocking the potential of the Tesla Model 3 and this one's already faster than a BMW M3. We know the...
Access by BMW

$2,000 a month BMW Subscription service gives you a fleet of beamers

Access by BMW gives anyone willing to spend at least $2,000 a month access to a fleet of BMW's at a moment's notice. It's still...
BMW Russia Winter Olympics

All Russian medalists at the Winter Olympics got BMW Crossovers

In total, 46 BMWs were handed out to Russian medalists. Despite Russia's disappointing gold medal haul and all the drama that came with a doping...
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