This photog got a face full of spoiler because clipping point is life

At unfortunate photographer learned a valuable lesson not to stand too close to a clipping point at a drift event. Photo Credits and permission compliments...

Japan: One tweet caused Itasha cars to start showing up at coffee shops

A disgruntled tweeter caused a deluge of Itasha style cars to start parking at Starbucks's and other coffee shops throughout Japan. If you don't know...

Turkey crossing busy interstate in Massachusetts has no fear

A news helicopter caught this wild turkey dashing across a busy interstate with ice in its veins. Turkey and man across Interstate I-95 that stretches...

UBER is officially banned from operating in Italy

Italian courts have ruled in favor of the taxi industries making it illegal for the UBER app to operate in Italy. If you're traveling in...
wet roads

This SUV crashing in the rain on 280N will remind you to slow it...

Dash cam footage was submitted to KRON 4's Stanley Robert's showing an SUV losing control in the rain and smashing into a k-rail. Rain, sleet,...
FCX Clarity

Japanese Professor engineers device that cleanly extracts hydrogen from ammonia

Hydrogen fuel cell technology might've taken a leap forward in technology thanks to the ingenuity of this Japanese professor. The technology to run cars on...
Miyako Taxi

Japan: This Taxi company’s policy says it’s ok to not engage in small talk

This Japanese taxi company is starting a trial run of asking you to not talk to its driver. That means no small talk. Some people...
Grand National

Barn Find: Two New Consecutive Vin Buick Grand Nationals Found In Oklahoma

Two practically new 1987 Buick Grand Nationals were found stuffed away in one Oklahoma city. This type of barn find gives us classic car enthusiasts faith...
Acura NSX

This 2017 Acura NSX can be yours for less than $75,000

A California resident managed to wreck this 2017 Acura NSX and the insurance company has already put it up for auction. What if I told...
Texting while driving

Texting While Driving Official Reason Given In Texas Crash Killing 13

The 20 year old identified as the driver of the pick-up truck involved in a head on collision resulting in 13 dead said he...

Coachella: UBER Announces Easier Pick-Up Service For Festival Goers

UBER announced that they're making it easier for festival-goers at Coachella to find an UBER ride back to their hotel rooms. During any other week...
Horses Interstate 680

Flock Of Domesticated Horses Closes Busy California Interstate

Two horses on a California Interstate caused CHP to briefly shutdown busy freeway to get the pair of palominos under control. *Update: It should be...
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