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accord birds karma

Instant karma: Driver scares birds but launches curb

When you're in an unfamiliar parking lot, you do NOT want to be driving around at 20 MPH with birds blocking your direction of...

Oakland Police tow dozens of cars and arrest hundreds in latest sideshow crackdown

Sideshow activity in the East Bay is just too damn high. It's one thing to have isolated sideshows where a couple of cars will block...
Uma Thurman Karmann Ghia

Shocking Uma Thurman crash video directors tried to cover up

Quentin Tarantino wanted Uma Thurman to drive this old Karmann Ghia for Kill Bill despite her not wanting to. She got into an accident while...
what not to do in an accident

Never do what this lady did after her car accident

This truck driver rear-ended her car, shouted at her, and threatened to push her car with his truck...but all for the right reasons! Getting into a...
Miata donuts

World’s best building manager loves parking lot donuts

When you've got a building manager that knows it's better to lose a couple of battles to win a war, you know he's got...
snow fort car

Japanese shop owner gets revenge on illegally parked car in the best way possible

Finding good parking in Japan is a privilege so when this driver decided that it was OK to park in an area meant only...
burned R6

Epic motorcyclist rides burned Yamaha R6 like a boss

If your bike was burned in a fire, you'd think it's pretty much done for. Not for this rider. This is the definition of literally...
Wrong rinse

Most stubborn car soap maker defends his insane car wash technique

There are a few common sense rules to washing a car but this stubborn soap maker thinks those rules, like the laws of gravity,...

Enjoy 35 seconds of NASCAR wheelgun excellence

The internet is rife full of videos showcasing NASCAR pitstops but this is the most recent one and it's much more exciting to watch...

World’s worst dealerships rightfully sued over selling bogus anti-theft products

New York's attorney general is suing these two dealerships for selling unwanted and bogus anti-theft products. imagine your surprise when you go to sign the...
Amish skiing

This quirky Amish winter tradition got everyone’s attention

Every winter someone catches and films an Amish person partaking in this truly Amish tradition only they can pull off. Just because the Amish people really...
beer highway

Thousands of gallons of beer spills onto West Virginia highway

A tractor-trailer laden with literally thousands of gallons of beer all stacked in pallets of cans, overturned. Beer lovers of the world, pour one out tonight...
toddler rally

This toddler is pretty much a professional rally driver

A very wise Finnish farther has already piqued the driving interest of his three-year-old son and it shows. Get this three year old some sponsors...
spaceX launch

This is the absolute best SpaceX rocket launch dash cam video on the internet

Literally, thousands of dashcams and iPhone videos captured that SpaceX rocket launch earlier this week but this is the best one. Earlier this week, SpaceX...
possessed steering wheel

This broken steering system caused a Hyundai steering wheel to go bananas

A video popped up on Reddit's /r/justrolledintotheshop showing what appears to be a Hyundai steering wheel possessed by something from the underworld. Steering wheels work...
owl engine

This adorable owl was found in an engine bay

A couple of oil change employees got the most adorable shock of their lives when they found an owl alive and well underneath the...
bullet train

This Japanese Bullet Train left 200 passengers behind

This Japanese Bullet train literally left 200 passengers on the platform behind, many of them bewildered why the conductor decided to not open the...
hit and run

Unbelievably brave Youtuber catches dumbest hit and run driver

This French youtuber had his onboard camera rolling as he witnessed a hit and run. Without a moment's hesitation, he sprung into action. Few people would...
fleshlight exhaust.

A fleshlight stuck in an exhaust makes for one disturbing visual

Some bored individual with clearly too much time on their hands decided it was a good idea to duct tape a fleshlight to the...

Someone 3D printed a working Toyota 22RE miniature engine

Someone in Japan managed to 3D print a real-life "working" Toyota 22-RE engine with moving parts. It seems like if you can imagine it, you...
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