T-pain drifting

T-Pain went to Gridlife, drifted, and just dropped this dope vid

It looks like T-Pain is learning how to drift and is having the time of his life. Earlier last month I posted about how rapper...
T-Pain drifting

T-Pain is really getting into drifting and the world is better off for it

T-Pain, of apple bottom jeans lore, is jumping feet first into the world of drifting Faheem Rashad Najm, better known by his stage name T-Pain,...
Rawling's crash

Here’s Richard Rawlings slamming into a k-rail in an SRT Hellcat

Richard Rawlings did his best to win the crowd over during the celebrity drag races but ended up slamming into a k-rail. During the celebrity...
Speed Racer

Script for Speed Racer 2 done, Emile Hirsch pushing for production

It looks like the 10th anniversary of Speed Racer's big screen debut has brought Emile Hirsch onto Twitter to promote a Speed Racer 2. It's...
Lancia Stratos Zero Kim K

Kim Kardashian wants a Lancia Stratos Zero Concept and a Lamborghini Countach

Who knew Kim K was a fan of the wedged shaped cars from Marcello Gandini but here we are. Who knows why Kim Kardashian posted...
Uma Thurman Karmann Ghia

Shocking Uma Thurman crash video directors tried to cover up

Quentin Tarantino wanted Uma Thurman to drive this old Karmann Ghia for Kill Bill despite her not wanting to. She got into an accident while...
Ford GT

Someone snitched and let Ford know John Cena breached contract selling his Ford GT

Ford is suing John Cena for breach of contract after finding out he sold his 2017 Ford GT for a profit in order to...
Nick Hogan Supra

Nick Hogan reunites with his Jade Supra and he’s hankering for some track time

It's like it's 2007 all over again. According to the fine folks over at Street FX Motorsport & Graphics on their video posted earlier...
ejecto seat cuz

Tyrese Gibson continues to take L’s and threatens to leave the F&F franchise

It's looking more and more likely that Tyrese Gibson, or as we know him on the Fast and the Furious franchise, Roman Pierce, may...
Porsche Carrera GT

Meadow Walker Finally Settles With Porsche Over Death Of Paul Walker

It's coming up to four years since the world lost Paul Walker but that doesn't mean there isn't ongoing litigation from multiple parties vying...
Elon Musk

Hot Take: Does Elon Musk really prefer to go commando?

In these tempestuous times, Musk took to Twitter to answer a couple of questions before Tesla's shareholder meeting later tomorrow. If you've ever wondered if...

Clarkson Still Manages To Rib Hammond After Crash Like A Proper Bro

Jeremy Clarkson took to twitter to properly rib Hammond, as per usual, after scary bike crash. Take note fellas. When one of your best mates...
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