Tuesday, December 5, 2023
CHP Sideshow

Illegal to watch sideshows in San Jose punishable by up to $1,000 & six...

San Jose City Council just empowered their local police department to slap you with a $1,000 fine and jail time just for looking at...
Vets landing Midway airport

Dozens of Korean War Vets arrived at Midway Airport to impromptu heroes welcome

Two dozen Korean War Vets didn't expect to get so much as a handshake from their pilot and stewardesses when they exited their plane...
Drag Racing Civic Sacramento Raceway

Malfunction sends drag Civic into Sacramento Raceway wall during CMI Spring Jam

A suspected mechanical malfunction sent this drag prepped Honda Civic Hatchback flying across his lane and onto the barrier in the opposite lane before...

Florida man attempts to drive riding lawn mower into the back of his minivan

This Florida man may or may not have succeeded in getting his riding lawn mower into the back of his Mazda MPV minivan. If you're...
Brick Road underneath Seattle Pothole

Redditor shares picture of Seattle rains unveiling beautiful brick road underneath

While some cities have gaping sinkholes forming when potholes come, older cities, like Seattle, are revealing their beautiful brick roads underneath thanks to Spring...
anti-burglary signs orange stick figures

Black stick figures on SF car burglary warning signs changed to orange after complaints

Several complained and asked why the stick figures were black? Designers drew up new signs replacing the old ones. If you've parked your car near...
Civic Si Grandma

World’s coolest Gram grams spotted getting into her mint EM1 Honda Civic Si

Don't let this Gram grams blue Reeboks and sweats fool you, once she hits VTEC she taking your 2019 Toyota Corolla to Gapplebee's. Every once...
6th and market

Are San Francisco’s Red Light Cameras working right now?

Currently, all 20 intersections where red light cameras are still installed in San Francisco are shut off and non-functional. Do what you want with...
San Gabriel Canyon Road speeding

Teens speeding on San Gabriel Canyon Rd in Azusa narrowly miss stopped car

Azusa teens driving an Evo X and a Subaru WRX STI almost slammed into a parked car after speeding on this San Gabriel Canyon...
CHP Sideshow

AB-410 passing means sideshow participants could get 1 year jail and a $25,000 fine

Here's how AB-410 A.K.A. that sideshow bill, can land you a year in jail and hit you with a $25,000 fine if you bring...
FL biker 156 MPH

Clearwater Florida police share egregious video of motorcyclist speeding at 156 MPH

Clearwater Florida police shared a shocking video of motorcyclists going at triple-digit speeds, one hitting 156 MPH, during a weekend crackdown on speeding bikers. Motorcyclists have...
Glendora racist woman

Glendora woman asked to move car blocking SCE truck at Walmart, goes on racist...

A Southern California Edison contract worker asked this Glendora woman to move her car. She then goes on a surprising racist tirade while on...
Dongshan Subway Elderly man

Video gone viral: Elder Japanese man blocks Nagoya Subway door for over a minute

A video showing an elderly Japanese man actively blocking this Nagoya subway door from closing is one of the most viral videos in Japan at...
Pastor John Gray

Lambo Pastor wants a quarter million from his members to fix the church roof

That pastor who gifted his wife a new Lamborghini Urus now wants his church members to cough up a quarter million to fix its...
parking standoff koreatown

Parking standoff of the century in Koreatown feat. a Black and Silver car

A parking standoff of epic proportions happened in Koreatown, it was all documented on Twitter for posterity's sake, and why #TeamBlackCar is trending. If you...
F-250 truck thief

Lake Elsinore serial Ford truck thief spots hidden camera but by then it’s too...

This Southern California serial truck thief got a tiny shock of surprise when he spotted this in-car camera system recording his every move, but...
Piper Plane emergency landing

The unorthodox way this plane that emergency landed in Signal Hill was towed back

You've seen footage from the emergency landing of a piper plane near Signal Hill, California but here's the unorthodox way police determined was the...
Charlotte Ambulance

Video: Man jumps into Southeast Charlotte ambulance, drives into half a dozen cars

Emergency crews were tending to a man in the back of this ambulance until someone jumped into the driver's seat, drove off, and managed...
Tiller strafing

KY Tiller Fire Truck strafing across three Watterson Expressway lanes confuses drivers

Tiller fire trucks need extra space on freeways and this Kentucky fire crew near Louisville was sure to let motorists know that, strafing across...
Horse pileup California

Grapevine pileup leaves one horse dead, trainer urges drivers to be mindful of trailers

This horse trainer reminds all drivers to be especially careful around horse trailers after pileup leaves one horse dead. According to CBS Local News earlier this...
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